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Application, Permitting, and Compliance Forms

Table of Contents

Lakes and Ponds

Water Quality Certification (Section 401)
Permit Fees

Watershed Management Division Intake Form

You may now submit permit applications, compliance reports and fee payments through our new online form to expedite its receipt and review!

Watershed Management Division Generic Application/Report Submission and Fee Payment Form

Adjoining Property Owner Notification

Certain permit types, known as Type 1 and Type 2 permits under Act 150 (10 V.S.A. Chapter 170), are required to notify adjoining property owners of their application.

Adjoining Property Owner Notification Form

Permit Navigator

Unsure of what permits you might need?

New Permit Navigator Tool Available!

Lakes and Ponds

Aquatic Nuisance Control

General Permit Application Forms

Aquatic Nuisance Control Activity Notice of Intent Application
Rapid Response Control Activity Registration Application
Lake Association Registration Form

Individual Permit Application Forms

Chemicals other than Pesticides
Bottom barriers
Powered mechanical devices
Structural Controls
Biological Controls

Notice of Co-Permittee Status Form

Lake Encroachment

Lake Encroachment Permit Application
Notice of Co-Permittee Status Form

Pesticide General Permit

Notice of Intent (NOI) for Large & Small Entities
Pesticide Discharge Management Plan Template (PDMP)
24-hour Adverse Incident Report Form


Shoreland Registration Application
Shoreland Registration Application (PDF)
Shoreland Permit Application
Shoreland Permit Jurisdictional Determination Request
Notice of Co-Permittee Status Form


Stream Alteration

Stream Alteration General Permit Application Form (General Permit and Registration use this form)
Stream Alteration Individual Permit Application Form (Individual Permit use this form)
EPM reporting webform

Mineral Prospecting:
Application for coverage under the Mineral Prospecting Permit

Flood Hazard Area and River Corridor

Individual Permit - APPLICATION FORM

Streamflow Protection

ANR Water Quality Certification Application for Hydroelectric Facilities
ANR Online Streamflow Protection Surface Water Withdrawal Registration Form



List of Engineering Firms 

ANR Online Forms

Annual Inspection Report Form (for all operational permits)
Annual Inspection Report (for MSGP)
Construction Permit  -  Notice of Addition of Co-Permittee
Construction Permit  -  Notice of Transfer of Authorization to Discharge
Designer's Initial Statement of Compliance
Designer's Re-Statement of Compliance
Town Recording Form

Stormwater Program Forms Available in PDF

Application for Transfer of Operational Permits
Application to Add Co-Permittee(s)
Notice of Issuance Form (to be used to record a SW permit in the Land Records)

Multi Sector General Permit (MSGP) 3-9003

Application Documents
Notice of Intent (NOI)
SWPPP Template

Reporting Forms
Discharge Monitoring Report
Annual Report
Notice of Termination

Operational Stormwater Permits (3-9050)

9050 eNOI
Applicant Certification/Signature Page - each applicant must complete and sign this form to submit a complete eNOI

Individual Permit Notice of Intent (NOI) forms

Application forms for new Individual Discharge Permit (INDS)
Application forms for the renewal of an Individual Discharge Permit
NOI for a new Individual Stormwater Offset Permit
NOI for the renewal of an Individual Stormwater Offset Permit
Application For Transfer of Operational Stormwater Permits

Narrative template
Attachment 1: Narrative - Use this word document as a template for the narrative of any new project. This attachment should include a soils map and a location map. Required for all new applications.


STP Selection Tool
Standards Compliance Workbook
Public Transportation Workbook


Schedule A Worksheet
Post Construction Soil Depth and Quality Worksheet - required for all new applications

Recharge Worksheet
Recharge Calculation Worksheet

Waiver Worksheets
CPv Waiver
Qp10 Waiver
Qp100 Waiver

Stormwater Treatment Practice Worksheets (all in Excel format)
Simple Disconnection
Disconnection to Filter Strips or Vegetated Buffers
Dry Swale
Infiltration Basins and Trenches
Treatment Wetlands
Wet Ponds
Dry Pond

Simple Method for Sediment Loading

Plan Set Reference

Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) 3-9014

MS4 Permit Incorporation Form
MS4 REI Submittal Form

Annual Report Form
Annual Report Workbook
BMP Tracking Table

Stormwater Treatment Practice (STP) Calculator

Municipal Roads General Permit MRGP 3-9040

MRGP Amendment Form
Road Erosion Inventory
Paved Roads with Catch Basins
Paved and Gravel Roads with Drainage Ditches

Construction Permits
Construction General Permit (CGP) 3-9020

Subscriber Agreement in ANR Online

Low Risk

Appendix A - Risk Evaluation and Soils Evaluation Tool
Notice of Intent

Moderate Risk

Appendix A - Risk Evaluation and Soils Evaluation Tool
Appendix B
Plan Set Reference Form
Notice of Intent

Individual Permit (INDC)

Appendix A - Risk Evaluation and Soils Evaluation Tool
Application for Individual Construction Stormwater Discharge Permit
Appendix B
Plan Set Reference Form

Additional CGP Forms
Construction General Permit Documents

Town Recording Form You are now able to file a copy of the last page of your permit, stamped by the Town Clerk, electronically.
Application Instructions for Construction Stormwater Discharge Permits (6/2/2020)
Appendix A - Soil Evaluation Tool (04/2021)  This document should be completed in MS Excel, then converted to Adobe PDF for submittal.
Plan Set Reference Form (Moderate Risk and Individual Permit Applications ONLY)
Discharge Report (for use During Construction)
Notice of Addition of Co-Permittee This form is now submitted online.*
Notice of Termination of Co-Permittee
Notice of Transfer of Authorization This form is now submitted online.*

Additional Forms for Low/Moderate Risk Construction Activity and for Construction Activity Permitted under an Individual Construction Stormwater Discharge Permit (to be updated soon for conformance with former CGP 3-9020 and updated CGP 3-9020 (Effective 5/19/2020).

Turbidity Monitoring Guidance
Notice of Termination for Portions of Ongoing Project
Notice of Termination for Entire Projects
Notice of Winter Construction
Notification of On-Site Plan Coordinator
On-Site Plan Coordinator Manual
Minor Amendment Record
Inspection Record
Discharge Report

Additional Forms for projects requiring Individual Permit Coverage (INDC)

Application form for Individual Construction Stormwater Discharge Permits
As of January 1st, applicants for individual permits must notify abutting landowners that a permit application is being submitted.  A form is available in letter format.
On-Site Plan Coordinator (OSPC) Inspection Form
Notification of On-Site Plan Coordinator
EPSC Plan Amendment Record
Notice of addition of copermittee This form is now submitted online.*
Notice of Transfer
Notice of Termination for Entire Project
Notice of Termination for Portions of Ongoing Site

Transportation (TS4) 3-9007


Residual Designation Authority (RDA) 3-9030

Property with a Previously Issued State Stormwater Permit:
Notice of Intent (NOI)
Engineering Feasibility Analysis
EFA submittal form

Property with Equal to or Greater than 1 Acre Existing Impervious Surfaces  that do not have a Perviously Issued State Stormwater Permit:
Notice of Intent (NOI)
Site Assessment


NPDES and Pretreatment Permit Application Forms

NPDES and Pretreatment permit applications use the same form.  Click here for some helpful application information
Applicants must submit a WR-82 Application form and either a Schedule A form or a Schedule B form

Permit Application Form WR-82 10 V.S.A. Chapter 47 in PDF
Schedule A: Municipal Treatment Plants Form WR-82A in PDF
Schedule B: Industrial/Commercial/Institutional Form WR-82B 10 V.S.A. Chapter 47 in PDF
Permit Adjoiner Notification Template (Letter)
Instructions Only: Schedule B: Industrial/Commercial/Institutional Form WR-82B  in PDF
Instructions Only: Schedule B: Industrial/Commercial/Institutional Form WR-82B  in MS Word
Schedule E: Emergency Pollution Permit WR-82E in PDF
Schedule E: Emergency Pollution Permit WR-82E in MS Word

General Permits for Discharges from Petroleum Related Remediation Activities

Download a Notice of Intent to apply for coverage under permit 3-9004
Download a  Notice of Intent to apply for coverage under permit 3-9016
Monitoring Report Form WR-43-3-9004
Monitoring Report Form WR-43-3-9016
Application for Termination of Coverage  - used to apply for termination of coverage under either general permit.

Nitrogen Optimization Plans

All wastewater facilities discharging to the Long Island Sound (LIS) are required to have Nitrogen Optimization Plans (NOPs) included in their permit.  For questions and/or assistance with NOPs contact your WW Inspector.

Nitrogen Optimization Checklist - this checklist is used by the program for evaluating submitted NOPs

Monitoring Report Forms

Electronic Discharge Monitoring Report (eDMR Form)

Submit a Public Alert for your Facility - Within 1 hour of discovery of an untreated sewage discharge WWTF operators must submit a public alert to our electronic alert system.

Incident Reporting Form - Within 12 hours of discovery WWTF operators must also give notice to the Department, and to local public health officers, of each untreated sewage discharge from the WWTF.

  • WR-43 Reporting Forms: (these links will download the appropriate Excel file)   0,  2,  3,  4,  5,  6,  7,  8,  9,  10,  11,  12,  13,  14
    • Aerated Lagoon Facilities - forms  3,  4,  5
    • Small Activated Sludge Facilities - forms  3,  6,  7
    • Large Activated Sludge Facilities - forms  2,  3,  8,  9
    • Fixed Film (RBC, trickling filters) Facilities - forms  2,  3,  10,  11

Total Phosphorus forms for permits subject to the 2016 Lake Champlain TMDL and Lake Memphremagog TMDL:

Total Phosphorus forms for permits issued before the 2016 Lake Champlain TMDL:

Other monitoring forms:

Wastewater Treatment (Pollution Abatement) Facility Operator License

As of January 1, 2017, OPR manages ALL pollution abatement facility operator licenses. For answers to questions, read DEC's frequently asked questions or visit OPR's webpage. Read OPR's outreach letter for specific instructions as to how to register your license.

DEC is no longer issuing or providing administrative support to pollution abatement licenses.


Pre Application Material:

Guidance for Determining Wetland Classification
Vernal Pool Evaluation Form
Vernal Pool Survey Methodology
CPG Application Checklist for Criterion 1(G) - Wetlands
Avoidance and Minimization Checklist

Application Materials:

Individual Wetland Permits

Vermont Individual Permit For Single Wetland Application
Vermont Individual Permit for Multiple Wetlands Application

Required Attachments for Individual Permits with Multiple Wetlands
Vermont Individual Permit for Multiple Wetlands Excel Table
Wetlands Evaluation Form
Multiple Wetland Determination Form

General Wetland Permits

Vermont Wetlands General Permit 3-9025 NOI

​Required Attachments for General Permit Applications that Include a Wetland Determination
Wetlands Evaluation Form
Vermont Wetlands General Permit 3-9026 Registration

Wetland Determinations

Determination Petition Form for Class II and Class III wetlands
Class I Petition Form

Post Approval Materials:

Amendment Forms:

Vermont Individual Permit Major Amendment Application
Vermont Individual Permit Minor Amendment Application
Permit Extension Form
Permit Transfer Form
Administrative Amendment Form

Reporting Forms:

Permit Town Recording Form
Start Work Notification Form
​Work Complete Certification Form

If you are unable to use the electronic forms, PDF versions are available as well: Permit Town Recording FormStart Work Notification FormWork Complete Certification Form

Water Quality Certification (Section 401)

401 Water Quality Certification Pre-Application Form
401 Water Quality Certification Application Form
ANR Water Quality Certification Application for Hydroelectric Facilities

Permit Fees

Lakes fees
Stormwater fees
Wastewater fees
Wetlands fees

NEW: You may now pay your permit application and operating fees online. Information and instructions can be found here