Bennington PFAS Sampling and Treatment System Maintenance Considering Ongoing COVID-19 Emergency-Updated 4/24/20

Scheduled maintenance of point-of entry treatment systems (POETs), except for carbon canister replacement, is continuing, with owner permission, as long as access to the treatment system can be done without entering the living space.  This maintenance is still being done to ensure microbial safe water. Based on the Governor’s current directives related to the COVID-19 emergency, ongoing drinking water sampling has been scheduled to begin again the week of May 18, 2020.  For your protection and those of the response workers, samples will be taken only from the outside spigot, with owner permission, to avoid having to enter the residence.  Also, any field work conducted that is essential to public safety under the Executive Order must still comply with all current CDC and Vermont Department of Health guidelines and additional state requirements.

If you have concerns or questions, please contact John Schmeltzer at 802 249-5620 or at 802 249-5083.

We will provide further updates as necessary due to changing conditions or updated directives.

Vermont PFAS Investigation and Response