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VTANRGIS Maps and Mapping

Maps and GIS

ANR GIS is an innovative geospatial information technology program within the Agency of Natural Resources providing high quality modern geospatial services, products and data to Agency staff, stakeholders, and the public.

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A majority of the environmental or natural resource features that the Agency of Natural Resources permits, monitors, regulates, manages, and studies can be tied to a geographic location.  The geospatial relationship between these features informs the quality of Vermont’s environment and natural resources.  ANR GIS strives to help Agency staff, stakeholders, and the public better understand these geospatial relationships to fulfil the Agency mission to “protect, sustain, and enhance Vermont’s natural resources, for the benefit of this and future generations.”

ANR GIS Shall:

  • Strive to further integrate GIS technologies, services, products in to program operations to make geospatial technologies and data use more transparent to Agency users.
  • Manage GIS software for ANR staff in such a manner to realize the most return on the Agency’s software investment.
  • Manage GIS database technologies and other GIS data sources to ensure ANR staff, public, and other stakeholders have reasonable access to the GIS data.
  • Pursue extending GIS access and GIT use into the field through the use of mobile technologies.
  • Provide GIS training and support to ANR staff in the use of GIS software, GIS services, and GPS technologies.
  • Work with ANR IT to provide GIS services through other IT applications and systems.
  • Partner with other Vermont state agencies, Federal agencies and other organizations to provide GIS data services and products to ANR staff, public, and other Agency stakeholders.
  • Identify the range of GIS/GIT services needed by the Agency and manage the GIS program’s human resources in such a manner to best meet that need.
  • Manage the GIS software inventory and budget for the Information Technology Division’s financial planning in order to cost-effectively meet Agency GIT needs.