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Environmental Assistance

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The Environmental Assistance Office (EAO) helps Vermonters better understand and follow Vermont’s environmental laws, rules, regulations, and permits. We offer environmental assistance to Vermont individuals, communities, and municipalities with a special emphasis on supporting underserved and overburdened populations. 

Our office is divided into three sections: Accessible Assistance, Community and Municipal Assistance, and Outreach Assistance.

Our team is made up of a director, program manager, section supervisor, five accessible assistance specialists, one community assistance specialist, and one outreach assistance specialist.

If you have any questions, contact us – we are here to help!

Note: The EAO recently changed its structure and makeup to better achieve its mission and provide assistance in a more relevant, efficient, and proactive manner. The EAO has created a new, easy-to-use online tool called the Permit Navigator. With the Permit Navigator, you can learn more about permits and determine which permits you might need for a project.