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ANR Flood Recovery Resources

Find updates and information on the recent flood.


VT Department of Environmental Conservation
Environmental Assistance Office
1 National Life Drive, Davis 3
Montpelier, VT 05620-3803
Environmental Assistance Office Contact Information
Name, Position and Brief Job Description Email Address Phone
Adam Miller - Director 802-777-2852
Megan Cousino – Program Manager 802-622-4419
Dale Brooks - Administrative Services Coordinator 802-828-1254
Accessible Assistance
Emily Rogers - Accessible Assistance Specialist 802-461-8071
Bridget Phillips - Accessible Assistance Specialist 802-505-5367
Healthy Homes Initiative 802-828-0141
1-877-344-0354 (toll-free)
Marjorie Klark - ANR Healthy Homes Initiative Supervisor 802-622-4765
Rosalie Sharp - Accessible Assistance Specialist 802-461-7433
Halle Harklau - Accessible Assistance Specialist 802-461-7128
Kenzie Collins - Accessible Assistance Specialist 802-261-1067
Community and Municipal Assistance
Jeffrey McMahon - Community Assistance Specialist 802-477-2241
Rick Oberkirch - Community Assistance Specialist 802-282-6488
Outreach Assistance
Maggie Citarella - Outreach Assistance Specialist 802-461-7175