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Find A Community Assistance Specialist

Community Assistance Specialists provide permit assistance to individuals, communities, towns, businesses, and other members of the public. If you have questions related to state environmental permits or need project guidance, you can reach out to your Community Assistance Specialist.

Community Assistance Specialists can also help you identify the necessary environmental permits or approvals for your linear, polygon, or multi-parcel project. If you have a single parcel project, you can use the Permit Navigator tool to help you figure out what environmental permits you may need. If you have any questions about the Permit Navigator or need assistance using the Permit Navigator, you are welcome to contact your Community Assistance Specialist.

To find the Community Assistance Specialist serving your area, select your town from the dropdown list below and click on the "Find My Community Assistance Specialist" button. Contact information for the Community Assistance Specialist in the Regional Office serving your area is provided.

Hint: If you click on the text box to select it, then press the first letter of your town name, it will scroll down to the start of town names beginning with that letter.