Story Memorial Hall and green with pump station in the foreground
VWW Brownsville Village
Brownsville Village built a sewer extension to connect their village to a nearby wastewater collection system
Rochester village green with a gazebo and a monument
VWW Rochester Village Green
A decentralized wastewater disposal system supports the vitality of Rochester Village
graphic image of village community wastewater solutions
VWW Community Decentralized Solutions
Soil-Based, Small Scale, Incremental Wastewater Disposal Systems
group of people at tables in a discussion
VWW Public Planning and Meetings
Local leaders learn about wastewater solutions in Southern Vermont

Village Wastewater Solutions Initiative

Villages form the heart of Vermont’s rural communities, but more than 200 villages lack community sewer systems, hampering revitalization. To overcome this challenge, Vermont has formed an interagency Village Wastewater Initiative Committee (VWIC) led by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). The committee meets biweekly to discuss progress of the villages, development of tools and resources, and coordination between funders and service providers.

Organizing Village Wastewater Solutions - A Workbook for Community Leaders

VWIC has designed this workbook to help in organizing a village wastewater committee the first step in initiating solutions for your village.

Wastewater Solutions for Burke and Wolcott - Northern Border Regional Commission

DEC applied to the Northern Border Regional Commission (NBRC) to receive a grant to help identify cost effective wastewater solutions for the villages of Wolcott, East Burke, and West Burke, providing models for other villages throughout Vermont.  An NBRC flyer provides further information about this initiative.