Village Wastewater Solutions Finance and Guidance

Templates & Tools

  1. Sample Agenda and Meeting Minutes Template
  2. Work Book: Organizing Village Wastewater Solutions (2018) by Vermont DEC & ACCD
  3. Guide Book: Getting Your Project to Flow Smoothly by RCAP Solutions
  4. Guide Book: Wastewater Solutions for Vermont Communities - A Guide from Vermont Department of Housing and Community Affairs
  5. Drinking Water Private Well Testing SurveyFAQ, and Sample Letter
  6. Pollution Prevention Brochure - Don't Flush This!
  7. Sample Request for Qualifications
  8. Guidance on Creating Intermunicipal Agreements
  9. Village Center Designation Program
  10. Septic Funding Factsheet

Financial Assistance Programs


clean water fund, clean water initiative PRoGRAM State Grant Emily Bird, Program Manager

Federal Planning Loans

Federal Design Loans

Federal Construction Loans

Tom Brown, Project Lead
Drinking water state revolving fund

Federal Planning Loans

Federal Construction Loans

Ashley Lucht, Project Lead
engineering planning advance State Planning Loans Lynnette Claudon, PE, Project Lead
Municipal planning grant State Planning Grants Faith Ingulsrud
neighborworks Varies Varies by Region
northern boarders regional commission grant Federal Infrastructure Grants  
on-site loan program State Construction Loans Chris Rotter, Program Manager
Pollution control grants State Construction Grants Tom Brown, Project Lead
USDA RD - SEarch grants Federal Planning Grant Varies by Region
USDA RD - Water environment program grants and loans Federal Construction Grants and Loans Varies by Region


Legislative Reports