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Administration and Innovation

The Administration and Innovation Mission:

The Administration and Innovation Division strives to provide effective and efficient services for cross departmental functions to all programs within the Department of Environmental Conservation.  Our Division empowers programs with effective performance based budgeting and integrated planning to assist them in identifying and sustaining long term revenue sources for providing environmental protection and resources for the people of the State of Vermont.

The work we do to achieve this vision:

AID serves the Department’s divisions in the following areas: 

  • development of administrative management policies and procedures
  • development of administrative goals and objectives
  • process improvement, including the provision of tools for programs to streamline processes
  • fiscal operation strategic planning
  • administrative support
  • human resources
  • application of better information technology solutions
  • development and maintenance of information technology systems
  • connecting environmental programs, outcomes, and expenditures
  • financial management resources and services
  • management of State and Federally-funded grants, contracts, and loans