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Accessible Assistance

blue-green mountains over a reflective water body in summer

The Accessible Assistance section of the Environmental Assistance Office (EAO) works to better serve underrepresented and overburdened individuals and communities. Using various tools, our Accessible Assistance Specialists help ensure compliance with environmental laws, rules, regulations, and permits.

The EAO recognizes that people often want to follow Vermont’s environmental rules but lack the resources or technical means due to a variety of factors beyond their control. Our specialists help connect individuals to the financial, technical, legal, language, or other resources needed so that compliance can be achieved for the benefit of both the community and the environment. The Accessible Assistance section will also focus on environmental justice and access to clean resources.

Have you found yourself in violation of an environmental law, rule, regulation, or permit? Are you unable to fix the problem with your current resources? Contact our office