Environmental Conservation Planning

Strategic Plan

Planning is an integral part of the Department’s infrastructure as it ensures transparency around our environmental priorities and helps us measure success towards those efforts and goals.  This is done through establishing strategic priorities aimed at achieving various milestones and improving related outcomes.  The latest draft of our strategic plan includes environmental indicators and program based performance measures with four simple outcomes:  Clean Air, Clean Water, Healthy and Safe Communities and Efficient and Effective Government.  Please preview the Department’s current goals and how we plan to measure our progress in the documents below:

VT Department of Environmental Conservation Strategic Plan (FY16-FY18)

FY16 ScoreCard

VT Department of Environmental Conservation Strategic Plan (FY13-FY15)

Performance Accountability

Every year, the Department provides a performance report to the Vermont General Assembly in conjunction with, and support of, our proposed fiscal operating budget.  The purpose of the report is to demonstrate the Department’s progress in protecting the environment using a quantitative and qualitative programmatic lens.   The Department launched an effort beginning in 2014 to improve how the Department tracks and measures the performance of our programs using the Results Based Accountability (RBA) framework. 

2018 Environmental Indicators and Trends Report

This report is provided to the Vermont General Assembly in support of the Department's FY2020 Budget.

FY19 Performance Report

FY18 Performance Report 

FY17 Performance Report

FY16 Performance Report

FY15 Performance Report


In Partnership with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the department enters into an agreement every three to four years called the Performance Partnership Agreement (PPA).  It serves as the work plan and list of environmental related deliverables that the Department generates for the State of Vermont.  EPA in turn provides the Department with federal funding to accomplish some of this work.  The PPA covers a number of programs including the Clean Air Act, The Safe Drinking Water Act and the Clean Water Act.

FY16-FY19 Performance Partnership Agreement

FY13-FY15 Performance Partnership Agreement