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Bennington Studies

Publications related to Bennington, VT

VG2017-4A Kim, J. J., 2017, (Draft) Preliminary Bedrock Geologic Map of the Bennington Area, Vermont: Vermont Geological Survey Open File Report VG2017-4A, scale 1:12,000.
VG2017-4B Kim, J. J., 2017, (Draft) Preliminary Fracture Map of the Bennington Area, Vermont: Vermont Geological Survey Open File Report VG2017-4B, scale 1:12,000.

VG2017-3 Kim, J. J., and Dowey, C. W., 2017, Derivative maps generated from water well data logs in the Bennington area, Vermont: Vermont Geological Survey Open File Report VG2017-3, 4 Plates, scale 1:12,000.
        Plate A: (Draft)_Preliminary Water Well and Bedrock Outcrop Locations in the Bennington Area, Vermont
        Plate B: (Draft)_Preliminary Isopach Map (Overburden Thickness) of the Bennington Area, Vermont
        Plate C: (Draft)_Preliminary Bedrock Surface Elevation Contours in the Bennington Area, Vermont
        Plate D: (Draft)_Preliminary Potentiometric Surface (Static Water Level) Contours for the Bedrock Aquifer
                           in the Bennington Area, Vermont

VG2017-1 DeSimone, D. J., 2017, Surficial Geology of the Bennington Area, Vermont: VGS Open File report VG2017-1, (Plates 1 - 3), scale 1:12,000. GIS Data.

More information about PFOA work in DEC.

Session T6: Emerging Contaminants in Fractured Bedrock Aquifers in the Northeast
Conveners: Jon Kim, Peter Ryan, Ed Romanowicz, Tim Schroeder

Xindi C. Hu, Philippe Grandjean, Francine Laden, Jaime E. Hart et al., Tap water intake of poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASS) in relation to serum concentration in a nationawide prospective cohort of U.S. women.  

David J. DeSimone, PFOA surficial mapping in Bennington, VT

Jonathan J. Kim, Peter Ryan, Edwin Romanowicz, Timothy Schroeder, Marcel Belaval, and David Boutt, 4D characterization of a fractured bedrock aquifer contaminated with PFOA: Bennington, Vermont.  

Timothy Schroeder, Jonathan J. Kim, Peter Ryan, Widespread PFC contamination by aerosol deposition in Bennington, Vermont: a long-term problem due to retention in vadose zone soils.

Peter C. Ryan, Jonathan J. Kim, Emmet Norris, and David Allen, Tracing groundwater flow by inorganic hydrogeochemistry: a tool to understanding PFOA migration in a fractured rock aquifer.  

Marcel Belaval, David F. Boutt, Timothy Schroeder, Peter Ryan, and Jonathan J. Kim, Characterizing the groundwater-suface water system in a PFOA-contaminated fractured rock aquifer using radon and stable isotopes.  

Edwin Romanowicz and Jonathan J. Kim, Relationship between fractures, vertical water flow and geologic structures on the distribution of PFOA in domestic wells, Bennington, Vermont.

James B. Shanley, Thomas J. Mack, and Joseph P. Levitt, Groundwater age-tracers shed light on the nature of PFOA transport in the N. Bennington, Vermont bedrock aquifer