Geology Publications and GIS On-line

vista of valley and distant mountains - taken from mountaintopThe publications of the Geological Survey are available on-line and include a variety of maps and text from statewide to local scales, general interest to technical  reports,  and associated GIS data (shapefiles and geodatabases). As a service, we also host publications of the Vermont Geological Society and many USGS maps which were compiled for the 2011 Bedrock Geologic Map of Vermont.  The full list of publications is in the left navigation bar.
Reports are also listed  in the Town Index and in the Publications Catalog. 
Ordering: The 2011 Bedrock Map was professionally printed and is available for $36.00 plus $5.00 shipping; all other maps are plot on demand at $10.00 per map plate (These prints are not made with permanent ink and are not made on waterproof paper).
Additional Vermont maps can be accessed through the USGS National Geologic Map Database.

Popular Publications

Bedrock Geologic Map of VT, 2011 

Surficial Geologic Map of VT, 1970 

Open File Reports
Open File reports include 1:24,000 scale bedrock maps, surficial maps, and groundwater resource maps published from 1963 to present. 

Groundwater Resource Publications
Town, Quadrangle and Statewide Maps and reports .

General Interest and Statewide Maps and Reports
Generalized geologic maps of Vermont, rocks by age, and topics such as earthquakes, fossils, rock hounding, mineral resources, and more.

GIS Data

Vermont Open Geodata Portal
Geologic data including the Bedrock Geologic Map of VT (2011), the Surficial Geologic Map  of VT (1970) and more...
1:24,000 scale Open File Report Data
(surficial, bedrock, hydrogeologic)

from  1
995 - present are available through the Open Data Portal as pre-packaged zipped shapefiles and include a pdf for reference. 

Externally hosted georeferenced maps and data
USGS National Geologic Map Database
National Geothermal Data System


Technical Reports
Reports in-house and by consultants for specific geologic and societal issues.

Bulletin is an illustrated text of bedrock or surficial geology and most include bedrock maps and cross-sections at a scale of 1:62,500. This "yellow book" series was published from 1956-1984. Georectified maps are hosted by  NGDS.

Special Bulletins
A Special Bulletin contains illustrated text, bedrock maps and cross-sections at a scale of 1:12,000 to 1:24,000. The series was published from 1968-1995. 

Green Mountain Geologist Issues
Publications of the Vermont Geological Society from 1974 - present.

Lake Champlain Depth Charts 
US Coast Survey (1872-1879)   

Vermont State Geologist Reports
Published intermittently from 1845 - present

Explore Vermont Geology has links to field trip guidebooks and general geology.