General Interest and Statewide Publications



General Geology

The Geology of Vermont, 1996, B. Doolan, Rocks and Minerals Magazine, v 71

Lithotectonic slices,  geologic history, 2011

Generalized Geologic Map of Vermont, 2012

Geology of Vermont, B. Baldwin, 1982, Earth Science, v 35, no 3, 5 p

Report on the Geology of Vermont, Volumes I and II, Hitchcock et al, 1861

Educational Leaflet 1: Earthquakes in Vermont, G Springston and M Gale, 1993, 10 p

Educational Leaflet 2: Geology of Vermont Lands, M Gale and G Anderson, 1998 3 p

Poster about bedrock maps and their uses, VGS 2012

Mineral Collecting

Gold in Vermont, articles dating from 1800s to present which pertain to gold and prospecting in Vermont, 1995, 34 p

Rockhounding in Vermont, VT Agency of Commerce and Community Affairs, 1991 with 2019 updates, 8 p. LANDOWNER PERMISSION IS REQUIRED

Specimen Collecting in Vermont lists permissions required to collect on public or private lands, 1 p

Grant, RW, 1968, Mineral Collecting in Vermont: Vermont Geological Survey Special Publication 3. LANDOWNER PERMISSION IS REQUIRED


Paleontology of the Champlain Valley, C. Welby, 1962, VGS Special Publication

A Brief Fossil History of Vermont and The Charlotte Whale, J. Howe, 1993

The Mount Holly Mammoth, History Since Discovery, B. Gauthier and M. Boulanger, 2018, VGS Edu Leaflet 3.


Bibliography of Vermont Geology

The Green Mountain Geologist

US Coast Guard Lake Champlain Depth Charts, 1872-1879

 History of Vermont Geological Surveys and State Geologists, TD Seymour Bassett, 1976, 33 p

Vermont geology postcard, 1970

Topographic Maps - historic maps available at the UNH Library web site

Rocks and Minerals, July/August 1996, Vermont Issue, Heldref Publications

Rocks and Minerals, September/October 1996, Heldref Publications - includes a list of minerals by county