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Report on the Geology of Vermont - 1861

Report on the Geology of Vermont; Descriptive, Theoretical, Economical, and Scenographical
by Edward Hitchcock, Edward Hitchcock Jr., Albert D Hager, Charles H. Hitchcock


This book is the first comprehensive report on the geology of Vermont and includes the first geologic maps of the state. The idea of a state-wide report was first proposed in the mid-1830's, yet took almost another thirty years and the hard work of many Vermont geologists before the final report was published. These volumes include some of the first descriptions of bedrock and surficial materials in Vermont along with stunning wood-cuts and geologic maps. The scanned text and plates are provided as PDF files below.


Volume I (Pages 1 - 558)
Volume II (Pages 559 - 982)


Plates (Click to see full-size)