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Economic Geology Reports

Economic Geology reports are detailed geologic reports of the geology, geophysics and/or geochemistry of specific mines, deposits and areas.

EC#1:  A Report on Magnetic Surveys of Ultramafic Bodies in the Dover, Windham and Ludlow Areas, Vermont, VJ Murphy, 1966, 54 p

EC#2: Report on a Resistivity Survey of the Monkton Kaolin Deposit and Drill Hole Exploration, JA Wark, 1968, 6 plates, 31 p

EC#3: Geology and Origin of the Kaolin at East Monkton, Vermont, DG Ogden, 1969, 40 p

EC#4: Report on the Cuttingsville Pyrrhotite Deposit, Cuttingsville, Vermont, CG Doll, 1969, 8p

EC#5: The Geology of the Elizabeth Mine, Vermont [Strafford], PF Howard, 1969, 28 plates, 73 p

EC#6: Magnetic Surveys of Ultramafic Bodies in the Vicinity of Lowell, Vermont, VJ Murphy and AV Lacroix, 1969, 2 plates, 40 p

EC#7: Geochemical Investigations in Essex and Caledonia Counties, Vermont, RW Grant, 1970, 2 plates, 8 p

EC#8: Geochemical Investigation of the Pomfret Dome, Vermont, JE Thresher Jr., 1972, 31 p