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Operational Stormwater Permits

The Stormwater Management Program provides regulatory oversight and technical assistance to ensure proper design and construction of stormwater treatment and control practices necessary to minimize the adverse impacts of stormwater runoff to surface waters throughout Vermont.

Applications for coverage under GP 3-9015, GP 3-9010 are no longer being accepted. Operational permit applications must be submitted through GP 3-9050 materials. Applications for INDS submitted on or after December 1, 2020, for an activity that is eligible for coverage under GP 3-9050 may be requested to revise the application and apply under GP 3-9050.  Questions on eligibility under GP 3-9050 or questions regarding whether an INDS applies may be directed to Stormwater Program staff.


  • General Permit 3-9050 General Permit 3-9050 for Stormwater Discharges from New Development, Redevelopment, 3-Acre Sites, and Previously Permitted Stormwater Discharges.
  • Individual Stormwater Permit (INDS) for discharges from projects which utilize Alternative Stormwater Treatment Practices (STPs) and other limited circumstances.
  • General Permit 3-9030  Residual Designation Authority (RDA) required for designated discharges to Bartlett, Centennial, Englesby, Morehouse, and Potash Brook watersheds.  Renewals of 3-9030 permits will be issued under 3-9050.
  • Individual Offset Project (INDO) for projects to improve the watershed.  
Final Documents

General Permit 
Response to Comments 

Application Materials and Instructions

Do I need an Operational Permit?

  • Refer to the flow chart below for guidance on whether or not your project needs an operational permit.