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Alternative Treatment Practices

VTDEC Preliminary Approval Letter - Bayfilter.pdfSection 4.4 of the 2017 Vermont Stormwater Management Manual allows for use of stormwater treatment practices (STPs) other than those presented in sections 4.1-4.3 for meeting the Water Quality Treatment Standard (WQTS). Applicants must submit verification that the alternative STP can meet the WQTS and demonstrate long-term performance in the field.  The following protocol provides greater detail as to the information needed for such submittals and the Agency's review of such submittals:

Alternative Treatment Practice Review Protocol (updated 4/11/2018)

Preliminary Approval of Alternative Treatment Practices

After review, alternate treatment practices that have received preliminary approval will be listed here. Alternative practices with preliminary approval may be incorporated as treatment for an individual operational stormwater permit application but are not eligible to be used as treatment in a general permit application until they are formally incorporated into the 2017 VSMM.

Pre-Treatment Practices

Rain Guardian Bunker and Turret Pre-Treatment Preliminary Acceptance Letter

Cascade Separator Pre-Treatment Preliminary Acceptance Letter

Treatment Practices

Modular Wetland System - Linear Preliminary Acceptance Letter

Filterra Bioretention System Preliminary Acceptance Letter

Jellyfish Filter Preliminary Acceptance Letter 

Focal Point High Performance Modular Bioretention Preliminary Acceptance Letter

Contech StormFilter with PhosphoSorb Media Preliminary Acceptance Letter

BaySaver BayFilter with Enhanced Media Cartridge Preliminary Acceptance Letter