Draft Stormwater General Permit 3-9050

Draft General Permit 3-9050 is a permit for stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces.  It is an important component of the Vermont Clean Water Act of 2015 (Act 64) and is designed to assist in the implementation of clean-up efforts in Lake Champlain, Lake Memphremagog, and stormwater-impaired waters, while also protecting high quality surface waters statewide. This general permit covers all operational stormwater permitting, including new development, redevelopment, and permit renewal.  Additionally, this general permit serves as the “Three-Acre General Permit” as required under the Vermont Clean Water Act. 

What are the next steps?

  1. Draft General Permit 3-9050 was on public notice from 9/20/19- 12/02/19.  A copy of the draft permit is available at the link below.  As part of the public comment period, public meetings were held as follows:
    • October 28, 2019: Rutland Free Library, Fox Room at 10 Court Street, Rutland City, 2:00 - 3:30 PM
    • October 29, 2019: Montpelier Pavilion Auditorium, at 109 State Street, Montpelier, 2:00 - 3:30 PM
    • October 31, 2019: Milton Municipal Building, Community Room, at 43 Bombardier Road, Milton, 2:00 - 3:30 PM
    • The public comment on the proposed permit closed on December 02, 2019.  All comments recieved by this date will be considered in formulation of the final General Permit 3-9050.
    • See the ENB website https://dec.vermont.gov/permits/enb for information on registering for notifications.  More information can also be found on the ENB 9-9050 website.  
  2. The Agency is notifying property owners affected by the requirements for “three-acre sites” directly.  Approximately 700 projects, including 8,000 landowners, will be notified.  Property owners in the Lake Champlain, Lake Memphremagog, and stormwater-impaired watersheds will be notified.  Properties outside those watersheds will be notified at a later date.
  3. After the public comment period, the Agency will review comments, make any necessary changes to the General Permit, and then issue the Final General Permit and a summary of responses to comments.  
  4. When the General Permit is final, the Agency will notify affected property owners and provide information on the application process.  The Agency will also provide affected property owners a process for requesting a reconsideration of a "3-acre" designation.   

Draft Documents

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