Stormwater Program

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The management of stormwater runoff is at once a simple concept and a complex problem. Precipitation runs off impervious surfaces rather than infiltrating into the soil. The cumulative impact resulting from the increased frequency, volume, and flow rate of stormwater runoff can lead to destabilization of downstream channels and can also result in increased pollutant loading to waterways.

The Stormwater Management Program provides regulatory oversight and technical assistance to ensure proper design and construction of stormwater treatment and control practices as well as construction-related erosion prevention and sediment control practices, necessary to minimize the adverse impacts of stormwater runoff to surface waters throughout Vermont.

The Stormwater Management Program administers several permit programs. Program staff review projects based on geographic area.  If you have questions regarding a current or proposed project, you may look up the technical reviewer for your project area.

Environmental Research Tool: Stormwater Permit Information 

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The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources and Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) are pleased to announce that the agency’s interactive Environmental Research Tool (ERT) now includes Stormwater Permit information. This web-based tool enables the public to access up-to-date environmental information compiled and monitored by DEC daily.

Information concerning specific Vermont stormwater permits, such as compliance status, project name, location,  permittee information and permit inquiries as part of property TITLE SEARCHES can now be accessed through the ERT. Users can tailor their search by entering one or more search criteria to narrow down results or produce a copy of the issued stormwater permit. See the FAQ for Title Attorneys for information on using the ERT.

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