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Environmental Notice Bulletin

The Environmental Notice Bulletin (ENB) provides the public with information about applications that are under consideration by the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). It is updated daily, and includes permit, certification, and registration applications for most DEC programs. Applications which are deemed administratively complete on January 1, 2018 or later will publish to the ENB and will remain on the site throughout the decision process and until the application's appeal period has ended. For applications which were deemed administratively complete prior to January 1, 2018, use the DEC Public Notifications page; Act 250 permits may be searched for on the Agency of Natural Resources' site .

Information in the Bulletin

For each application, the Bulletin provides basic information about the project, the type of permit requested, important dates in the permit process, and contact information for the DEC staff person who can provide additional information. Members of the public may set up an ENB account and configure a subscription in order to receive email notification of applications which may interest them. Of particular interest are the beginning and end of the public comment period (for those programs that have public comment requirements), and the dates and locations of any public meetings which have been scheduled. Comments may be submitted, and public meetings requested, through the ENB site.

More detailed information on DEC and other state permit programs can be found in the DEC Permit Information Summary and in the Vermont Permit Handbook

Using the Environmental Notice Bulletin

For detailed instructions on using the ENB, please see the Instructional Guide. There is also a FAQ sheet available and a presentation on Act 150 and ENB.

View and Search the Environmental Notice Bulletin (ENB)


Permit Writer’s Handbook – Guidance Document

Following adoption of Act 150 and other Department wide changes to the permit process, the Department of Environmental Conservation has developed a handbook to provide guidance to Department employees to follow when writing permits.

Permit Writer's Handbook