Permit Handbook

The "handbook" is a list of permit information sheets, each of which provides an overview of the applicability, jurisdiction and other details for that permit or approval. The information sheets cover most Department of Environmental Conservation permit programs and many other Vermont and federal regulatory programs that may be required for your project or business. Program information sheets include:

  • examples of regulated activities;
  • criteria for permitting jurisdiction;
  • statutory citations for authority and appeals; and
  • contacts for more information.

Click Here for the handbook information sheets

In addition, fact sheets have been developed for certain small business sectors that discuss the most common required permits and provide staff contacts for more information. For personalized assistance in determining the permits required for your project, please contact the Permit Specialist in your area.

The information sheets can also serve as an educational resource for individuals, groups or those in public service wanting to better understand the different types of permits or other approvals local businesses may be required to have.

Some of the permit or license programs of the Departments of Fish and Wildlife and Forest Parks and Recreation are not provided in the Permit Handbook. Links to these permit and license programs are provided separately.