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Natural Shoreland Erosion Control Certification


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Natural Shoreland Erosion Control Certification Course
for Landscapers, Contractors, and Site Workers

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Course Content
Public List of NSECC Trained Professionals

Upcoming Training Locations and Dates

Course Content:
November 2016 NSECC training in Montpelier

This Certification Course covers shoreland Best Management Practices, including techniques for erosion control, stormwater management, bioengineering and wildlife habitat protection. Lakeshore owners often rely on professional contractors, landscapers, engineers or other site workers to give advice and help them manage their property. The NSECC course teaches contractors both how to use best management practices and the science of how they work to protect the lake while remaining attractive and appealing to homeowners.

All workers certified through this six hour training course will be listed on the Agency of Natural Resources web site and the list will be shared with lakeshore property owners.

To inquire about registration for future courses and for general questions, please contact Alison Marchione at

Public List of NSECC Trained Professionals


    Upcoming Training Locations and Dates

     Training Locations and Dates:

    • TBD


    NSECC Certification lasts three years. After three years you will need to recertify to continue to be included on the list of certified professionals. Options for recertification are below.  

    If you don't remember the year you earned your NSECC certification, please contact David Addeo at

    Options for Recertification
    Options for Recertification
    1. Attend Another Training or Conference
    2. Complete a Bioengineering Project Installation
      • If you have been involved with a shoreland restoration project, you can earn NSECC recertification credits for your work. Please send a email with work description, photos, and location to

    FORM to SEND US for Recertification.  This is REQUIRED and essential for our record keeping.

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