NSECC recertification form

Use this form to submit documentation of the credits earned towards NSECC recertification


Options for Recertification

  1. Attend Minimum of a Four Hour Relevant Training or Conference
    • VT Summer Erosion Control Field Day Training (for 2019 - June 11 at Richmond, and June 12 at Lake Eden)
    • VT Rivers and Roads Training
    • Bioengineering Project Installation Training Day
    • Green Stormwater Infrastructure Workshop
    • UVM Sea Grant Realator Training
    • NSECC Training (course curriculum varies some from year to year, but always provides current science, case studies, and updates on permit requirements)
    • Vermont Lake Seminar
    • North American Lake Management Society Conference
    • New England Chapter of the North American Lake Management Society Conference
    • May 9th, 2019 Septic Conference
    • Maine Erosion Control Workshops (typically offered annually in the fall)
    • It’s possible to attend another Conference or Training Event and earn Recertification Credits, if the training is deemed relevant to shoreland issues by Alison Marchione.
  2. Complete a Bioengineering Project Installation
    • If you have been involved with a shoreland restoration project, you can earn NSECC recertification credits for your work.
  3. Prepare a Presentation About Your Shoreland Work
    • Submit Your Shoreland Power Point Presentation and Be Willing to Present it at a 
      NSECC Training or at another Group Setting, if requested.
  4. Complete the Shoreland On-Line Tutorial (this option will be available lat spring 2019)
    • After visiting the NSECC Web Page and watching each of these PPT presentations, complete and submit the SURVEY QUESTIONNAIRE.



Public List

The Lakes program maintains a public listing of professionals certified in natural shoreland erosion control practices.  Any person who has taken the NSECC training and whose certification has not expired can choose to have their information appear on this list.  Appearing on the list is optional and at any time a person can choose to have their information removed, changed, or added.

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