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Basins and Planners

Watershed Planners

Watershed Planners encourage public involvement and welcome input as they develop the tactical basin plans. Watershed Planners are responsible for river and stream water quality and aquatic habitat assessments, municipal surface water protection assistance, and the Tactical Planning Process. Planners evaluate river and stream problems and threats; identify special uses, values, and characteristics; catalyze and support watershed organizations and projects; provide funding and technical assistance to nonpoint source planning and implementation projects; and provide information and assistance to municipalities for local surface water protection.  


Recently consolidated into one planning basin. Was previously addressed as two separate planning basins: Poultney-Mettawee basin and Lower Lake Champlain drainages.
† Mississqoui Bay planning basin now includes the Rock and Pike Rivers.
‡ Now includes some adjacent CT River direct drainages that were part of the former Basin 13, which is no longer addressed as its own planning basin.
§ Now includes some adjacent CT River direct drainages that were previously addressed as part of the Upper Connecticut River planning basin.