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Initially launched as the 'Act 76 Newsletter,' this newsletter now encompasses Watershed Planning Program and stakeholder activities - projects, updates, trainings and more. The newsletter will be released every other month.

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TMDL & Target Setting Primer

During this video, you will learn about Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL) and the TMDL Implementation Plans for Lake Champlain and Lake Memphremagog in Vermont. Our presenters will also discuss the regulatory and non-regulatory actions needed to meet the Phase 3 phosphorus reduction targets. They will describe how non-regulatory targets are set, along with the funding to achieve them.

A PDF version of the presentation with the presenters' notes is available for viewing: Clean Water Service Provider Target Setting Primer PDF.

Finding Clean Water Projects in Your Town

Join Vermont Watershed Planner, Danielle Owczarski, on a tour of the Watershed Projects Database and Clean Water Projects Explorer. Learn how to find clean water projects in your town that are ready for development.

Abenaki Perspectives on Water Trainning

The recording of the Abenaki Perspectives on Water training is now available on the Lake Champlain SeaGrant YouTube channel. They have also posted a full length recording of the talk.

If you are a statutory partner - Watershed Group, Regional Planning Commission, or Natural Resources Conservation District - the Watershed Planning Program has developed a training for Tactical Basin Plan Workplan grants.

Developing Workplans that Work - FY2023

Learn about the Tactical Basin Plan workplan process from your favorite Watershed Planners, Ben and Marie. They will discuss how Tactical Basin Plan Support grant agreements are to be developed and how they will be evaluated. The training also covers what these agreements need to have included in them. A Question and Answer session was held on May 9, 2022. The recording of the meeting can be access through this link:

A PDF version of the presentation with the presenters' notes is available for viewing: Developing Workplans That Work PDF

TBP Workplan Quarterly Report Training Session

The purpose of this training is to provide you guidance on making your quarterly report an effective tool for Watershed Planning. The presenter will discuss the purpose of the quarterly reports and acceptable reporting formats.

A PDF version of the presentation with the presenters' notes is available for viewing: TBP Workplan Quarterly Report Training Session PDF.

The SFY 2024 TBP reporting template is now available for download.