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Dam Safety Program (DSP)

"The mission of the Vermont Dam Safety Program is to reduce risks to life, property, and the environment from dam incidents and dam failure through effective communication, education, regulation, and dam ownership"

The Dam Safety Program (DSP) regulates non-power, non-federal dams and acts as the owner and operator at 14 State-owned dams. On the regulatory side, the DSP administers State Statute 10 V.S.A. Chapter 43: Dams, managing the Vermont Dam Inventory (VDI) database, a permit program for construction and alteration of dams, an inspection program, an annual registration program, and other related tasks.  The DSP also educates dam owners and the public about dam safety issues. On the ownership side, the DSP operates and maintains the three Winooski River Flood Control Dams (Waterbury, Wrightsville, East Barre) as well as eleven other dams throughout the State.

Image of Lake Groton Dam  


What IS a dam?

A dam is an artificial barrier capable of impounding water, sediment, or other liquid. This includes structures that have been partially removed, partially breached, or were previously capable of impounding water.





Image of a beaver dam

What IS NOT a dam?


In Case of a Dam Safety Emergency


Ben Green, PE – Section Chief, Dam Safety Engineer

Phone: 802-622-4093             E-mail:

Steven Hanna, Dam Safety Engineer

Phone: 802-490-6123             E-mail:

Vermont Emergency Management (VEM)

Phone: 1-800-347-0488