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Vermont Dam Inventory (VDI)

The Vermont Dam Inventory (VDI) is a database containing spatial, structural, historic, and regulatory information on most dams in Vermont.

VDI Link to the Database Itself

*Data from VDI is managed by the VT Dam Safety Program and is the State's main tool for managing its large inventory of regulated dams. In addition, it is important to note that select fields VDI are linked to the ANR Atlas - Dams Layer. This is updated near-real time when the state makes updates to VDI so you can rest assured that information updated in VDI will make its way to your ANR Atlas maps.   

Vermont Dam Inventory is an important tool for the State to keep record of pertinent information for each structure. The program is continually improving this database and working to make the data as comprehensive as possible. In response to the audit, and with the addition of new staff the program has started to dig deeper into the data contained within VDI and has found many areas for improvement.

VDI Updated in 2021 to a new system that improved functionality, and capabilities. 

If you are navigating the VDI, and happen to find something that isn't accurate or is outdated, please send an e-mail to our general mailbox - This e-mail is regularly monitored by the Dam Safety program. 

GIS Dam Layer - ANR Atlas 

Explore VDI through the ANR Atlas

Download VDI through VT Open Geodata Portal 


Newly Discovered Dams or Ghost Dams

There are occasionally dams that get discovered by interest groups or the general public. The dam safety program has created a form below with the minimum amount of information required to input a new dam into our database. 

Can’t find the dam you’re looking for in the VDI?

Let us know by filling out our New Dam form.