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Basin 3 - Otter Creek, Little Otter Creek, and Lewis Creek Basin Planning

What's New?

The final, approved Otter Creek Tactical Basin Plan was published in December of 2019 and is available through this link.  The plan covers portions of Bennington, Rutland, and Addison counties and all surface waters within the Otter Creek, Little Otter Creek, and Lewis Creek watersheds.  The plan provides an assessment of the health of the basin and identifies 55 water quality strategies across the following sectors: agriculture, developed lands—stormwater and roads, wastewater treatment facilities, and restoration of forest lands, lakes, rivers, and wetlands.  The plan also includes information about how landowners, watershed organizations, and communities can access funding and technical assistance to help protect and restore water resources.

Three public comment meetings were held to gather feedback on the plan presented by the VT Department of Environmental Conservation in partnership with the Addison County Regional Planning Commission (RPC), the Rutland RPC, the Otter Creek Natural Resource Conservation District (NRCD), and the Rutland NRCD.

An interactive Story Map providing a summary of the plan is available here

To download the Municipal Protections Spreadsheet, please click the following link:

Links to Activities and Water Quality Improvement Initiatives Underway in the Otter Creek Basin:

Basin Specific Reports

Additional Resources