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Lake Carmi

Fishing on Lake Carmi.  Image by Larry Myott

Lake Carmi is one of Vermont’s jewels. Nestled among hills less than a one-hour drive northeast of Burlington, this 1,400-acre lake is a popular destination for anglers, birders, boaters, and campers. Lake Carmi State Park offers 173 campsites as well as a boat launch, day-use picnic area, swimming beach, and walking trails. 

During 2017, Lake Carmi’s summer recreational season was cut short by an intense, prolonged cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) bloom, causing many to ask what actions had been taken to improve water quality and what else could be done. 

This page serves as a central location for information about monitoring and management of Lake Carmi’s water quality, with emphasis on actions in the watershed.

Resources and Reports

BMP Project Updates- Lake Carmi Coordination

Our Owasco- Lake Carmi Team Meeting

AAFM Lake Carmi Updates

2023 Lake Wise Introduction

VTDEC IWIS Data Portal: Lake Carmi Stations #1 (Central), #2 (Southern), #3 (Northern)

VTDEC Lakes Lay Monitoring Program Reports

UVM Lake Carmi Monitoring Platform Data

Lake Carmi BMP Assessment & Design Project Updates

Lake Carmi Assessing Cyanobacteria Blooms with Satellite Data

2022 Lake Carmi Progress Report

UVM 2021 Lake Carmi Interim Monitoring Report for VT DEC

Lake Carmi Crisis Response Plan 3.0 June 2022

Lake Carmi Watershed Phosphorus Study Final Report October, 2021

Lake Carmi Tributary Flow Monitoring Feasibility Assessment

Lake Carmi Aquatic Macrophyte Survey Report

UVM 2020 Lake Carmi Interim Monitoring Report for VT DEC

Carmi Communicator #4 October 2020

Lake Carmi Clean Water Progress Report Presentation, July 9 2020

2019 Lake Carmi Clean Water Progress Report (amended July 17, 2020 as described in this erratum letter)

Carmi Communicator #3 June 2020

Fixing Erosion Issues on Private and Park Roads around Lake Carmi

Lake Carmi Groundwater Study

Carmi Communicator #2 January 2020

Carmi Communicator #1 December 2019

If you would like to be added to the email distribution list for the Carmi Communicator, please send an email to Oliver Pierson

Lake Wise Summary Fact Sheet
Restoring Lake Carmi Fact Sheet

Mill Pond Dam FAQ
Lake Carmi Dam Study

2018 Lake Carmi Action Plan
2008 Lake Carmi Action Plan (original)

Lake Carmi TMDL Presentation
Lake Carmi TMDL Technical FAQ
Lake Carmi TMDL
Lake Champlain TMDL

Cyanobacteria FAQ for Lake Carmi
Cyanobacteria and Human Health (Dept. of Health)
Cyanobacteria Ecology and Monitoring

Report on Sediment Runoff

Watershed Planning and Project Implementation