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LaRosa Partnership Program

Since 2003, the LaRosa Partnership Program (LPP) has supported watershed organizations and monitoring groups across Vermont in implementing river and stream water quality monitoring projects by helping to alleviate the financial and logistical burden of water chemistry sample delivery and laboratory analysis.

This water quality sampling allows community members to engage with their local streams and rivers firsthand, learn about water quality issues and where they may be occurring, and identify areas in need of protection or remediation. Additionally, by improving the geographic extent and frequency of water chemistry monitoring, the data collected by the LPP partners strengthens the VT DEC’s Water Quality Database and furthers the achievement of the VT DEC’s water monitoring goals outlined in the Water Quality Monitoring Program Strategy.


  • The 2024 water quality sampling season begins the week of April 15th! See below for the 2024 sample pickup schedule.
  • View two examples of outreach tools created by our partners using data collected through LPP:


Sample Pickup Schedule

Tuesday Pickup Dates Thursday Pickup Dates
April 30 May 2
May 14 May 16
May 28 May 30
June 11 June 13
June 25 June 27
July 9 July 11
July 23 July 25
August 6 August 8