LaRosa Partnership Program

Since 2003, the LaRosa Partnership Program (LPP) has helped watershed organizations and monitoring groups across Vermont implement new and/or ongoing monitoring projects for surface waters in need of water quality assessment by helping to alleviate the financial burden of laboratory analysis costs.

This testing allows community members to engage with their local streams and rivers firsthand, learn about water quality issues, and use water testing to identify where impacts are present.



  • For an interactive map of all 2022 LPP water quality monitoring sites, click here.
  • Interested in participating in LPP? Check out our FAQ Document for some general information about our program.
  • For a detailed description of LPP sampling procedures, flow observations, and quality assurance, please review the 2022 LPP Partner Guide.
  • To review any incoming 2022 flow data, please view the LPP Flow Data dashboard.
  • View LPP's new visual presentation of historic water chemistry data, flow observations, and land use using Power BI.

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