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LPP Data & Reports

LPP Flow Data Dashboard -  a presentation of all flow observation submissions by year displayed on a graphic with a list of sampling sites, a map of the flow observation locations, and flow level/type pie charts.

Monitoring Site Details Report - an IWIS database report where you can view and export LPP monitoring site names and details by organization. The sites are listed under the new naming conventions introduced with the 2021 program redesign.

Water Chemistry Data Report - an IWIS database report where you can query watershed associations' data by site and export it. This data has been thoroughly reviewed.

LPP Power BI Data Presentation - a visual presentation of historic LPP data created by VT DEC staff. The presentation includes dot plots and box plots of water chemistry data, flow observations, and land use data.

Lakes and Ponds Lay Monitoring Program - view information and data reports for the volunteer monitoring counterpart for Vermont lakes and ponds.