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Lake Watershed Action Plans

A Lake Watershed Action Plan (LWAP) is an assessment and planning tool that is used to identify the greatest threats to a specific lake ecosystem Typical threats include impacts on water quality and to wildlife habitat from different land uses along the shoreline and within the watershed. Each Vermont lake has different land use patterns (shoreline development, agriculture, road networks, forestry, etc.) within its watershed. A LWAP can help clarify how these land uses are impacting water resources and identify priorities for addressing water quality concerns. A completed LWAP will include:

  • results from a lake-watershed assessment of the lake shoreland, a lake's tributaries, and hydrologically connected roads
  • identification of sources of nutrient and sediment runoff within the watershed and threats to fish and wildlife habitat
  • prioritization and ranking of the severity of the identified sources of pollution and habitat impacts
  • recommendations for restoration and protection

The LWAP process is meant to be participatory, including representation and knowledge from various groups, including local lake association or watershed organizations, lake users, shoreland owners, the Town, and other stakeholders or interested groups and people. The prioritized list of restoration and protection projects identified through the LWAP process can be considered for funding under the Clean Water Initiative Program (CWIP) and other sources.

Technical Guidance for completing a Lake Watershed Action Plan and Appendix A - Stream Assessment Protocol

Current Funding For Lake Shoreland Projects through the DEC Clean Water Initiative Program

Complete Lake Watershed Action Plans


In Progress Lake Watershed Action Plans

DEC Funded LWAPs

  • Maidstone Lake, Maidstone
  • Lake Fairlee, Fairlee
  • Lake Willoughby, Westmore
  • Shadow Lake, Glover
  • Lake Morey, Fairlee


  • Caspian Lake, Greensboro
  • Keelor Bay, South Hero
  • Lake Iroquois, Hinesburg
  • Lake St. Catherine, Poultney
  • Fairfield Pond, Fairfield

Stream Wise Information