EPR Program Outreach and Training Resources


Training Videos: 
Recycling batteries as risk management
Call2Recycle Battery Safety Video
Advertising Videos for TV/YouTube and Social Media Ads: Material from Call2Recycles
TV Ad: 15-second video
Printable Resources: Quick reference guide for collectors

Primary battery stewardship law summary sheet
Guidance on primary battery stewardship in Vermont: a breakdown
Vehicle battery fact sheet
Lithium-based battery management fact sheet


BulbsMercury Light Bulbs 
Training Videos: NEMA mercury-added lamp program
State standards for management of mercury bulbs

Advertising Videos for TV/YouTube: 15-second video
Social Media Ads
LampRecycle Graphic
LampRecycle print ad
Printable Resources: Quick reference guide for collectors 
Lamp fact sheet


Training Videos: Proper management of electronics
Electronics ReTRAC reporting; setting up an account
Electronics ReTRAC reporting; submitting annual report
Electronics registration: who must register
How to register an event
How to update a registration

E-Cycles Training Questionnaire
Questionnaire with accessible results
Advertising Videos for TV/YouTube: 
E-Cycles 30-second video
15-second video
Printable Resources: Quick reference guide for collectors
Electronics brochure (contact karen.knaebel@vermont.gov for hard copy trifolds)
Electronics fact sheet
Release plan template (add to Fact Sheet and display at facility)
Posters: (*Required at all E-Cycles collection locations. For hard copies, contact karen.knaebel@vermont.gov)
*Collector location poster
*Data security poster
Disposal ban poster
Retailer poster (required to be posted at all retail locations that sell covered electronic devises)
Labels for Storage of Electronic Waste:
Covered electronic waste
Non-covered electronic waste
Broken covered electronic waste
Requesting a Pick-up BOL
Written guidance
Video guidance


Paint cans

Training Videos: PaintCare Vermont training for collection sites
Advertising Videos for TV/YouTube: 15-second video
Printable Resources: Quick reference guide for collectors 


Training Videos: Program for the collection of thermostats
Advertising Videos for TV/YouTube: 15-second video
Printable Resources: Quick reference guide for retail collectors
Quick reference guide for wholesale/waste management facility collectors
Thermostat Recycling Corp. color poster
Thermostat Recycling Corp. black and white poster
Thermostat Recycling Corp. brochure

Combined EPR Programs
Contact sheet for all EPR programs
EPR Flyer
EPR Brochure
EPR Brochure translations: 

Arabic - عربي
Chinese - 普通话
French - Français
Nepali - नेपाली
Somali - Soomaali
Spanish - Español            
Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt
Advertising Videos for TV/YouTube: 30-second ad
30-second ad with language banner

30-second ad in Spanish
30-second Radio Ads: #1 #2
Training videos: all EPR training videos

Other Related Materials
Training Videos:

Universal Waste
Mercury in the Environment (spill guidance)
Vermont Single-Use Products law
Waste Management Training Videos