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Solid Waste Facilities and Transporters


There are about 210 certified solid waste management facilities across the state of Vermont, available to help you properly discard your organic wastes (food scraps, leaf & yard trimmings), recyclables (cardboard, newspaper, metal, electronics, paint, etc.), construction and demolition debris (shingles, lumber, sheetrock) household hazardous wastes (fertilizers, pesticides, household cleaners, etc.) and trash.  

What can you do from this page?

APPLY: You can apply for a certification to operate a solid waste management facility or to hold a termporary waste management event. The application forms, guidance documents and other information can be found on our Solid Waste Facility Certification webpage. 

LOCATE: You can locate a facility near you that will accept the material you are trying to discard by refering to the Materials Management Map. For harder to manage materials that your local transfer station may not accept, check in with your local Solid Waste Management Entity.

REPORT: All facilities are required to report on a quarterly or annual basis as required by their current certification or registration. All reporting must now be conducted electronically via Re-TRAC's web-based reporting program.

Franchise Tax Reporting: Must be submitted quarterly to the Vermont Tax Department with copies submitted to the Solid Waste Management Program.

LEARN: You can read the Vermont Solid Waste Management Rules to learn the regulations that apply to waste management in Vermont.  Additionally, you can learn about the New England Waste Services Vermont landfill in Coventry, Vermont by accessing groundwater monitoring reports and solid waste certifications.


There are more than 350 transporters that are permitted to transfer many types of waste materials and hazardous waste throughout the State of Vermont, from where the waste is generated to a certified processing or transfer facility. Haulers make managing various waste materials safe and convenient for residents, businesses, and towns. 

What can you do from this page?

APPLY: You can apply to transport solid waste  or hazardous waste for compensation. The application forms, guidance documents and other information can be found on our Waste Transporter Permitting webpage.