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Publications and Reports

2023 Biennial Report on Solid Waste 
       Responsiveness Summary
2021 Biennial Report on Solid Waste
       Extended Producer Responsibility Program Summary
       Report on Landfill Operation
EPR Program Table for 2021 Biennial Report
2019 Universal Recycling Status Report
2019 Biennial Report on Solid Waste
2018 Vermont Waste Characterization Study & Appendix B: CPI Backyard Composting Survey
Biennial Solid Waste Report to the Legislature (January 2017)
Status Report to the Legislature: Vermont's Universal Recycling Law (December 2016)
Final Report -- Analysis of the Potential to Raise Revenue By Imposing a Solid Waste Service Fee (2015)
Report to the Legislature: Beyond Waste Advisory Group (April 2015) 
Report to the Legislature: Solid Waste Infrastructure Advisory Committee (February 2015)
Report to the Vermont Legislature: Act 148 Implementation (Nov 2013)
Final Report - Systems Analysis of the Impact of Act 148 on Solid Waste Management in Vermont (2013)
    Appendix A - Single Stream Material Losses
    Appendix B - Facilities and Materials Accepted by Solid Waste District Region
    Appendix C - Overview of Composting and AD Technologies
    Appendix D - Raw Survey Data, Redemption Center Users
    Appendix E - Background Analysis of Litter Data
Vermont Waste Composition Study (2013)

Material-Specific Reports

Product Stewardship Institute Research on HHW EPR programs presentation and report (2019)
Report on Battery Stewardship (2019)
Tire Recyclers Working in Vermont (2019)
Household Hazardous Waste Stakeholder Group Summary Report (December 2017)
Report to the Legislature: Architectural Waste Recycling (December 2016)
Textiles Reuse & Recycling in Vermont (2016)
Tire Stakeholder Group Report (2016)
Report to the Vermont Legislature on Problem Scrap Tire Piles (2013)

Archived Documents

Waste Composition Study of Green Up Day Collection (2009)
Solid Waste Working Group Report to the Vermont Legislature (2009)
Financial Analysis of Districts (2008)
    Comparison of District Rates (2008)
    Comparison of Districts Rates - Special Wastes (2008)
Life Beyond Garbage: Vermont Waste Prevention and Diversion Strategies (2008)
Solid Waste Working Group & District Managers' Association Meetings Report to ANR (2008)
Solid Waste Report to the Vermont Legislature (2008)
An Act Relating To Energy Independence and Economic Prosperity (2008)
The Price of Solid Waste Management Services in Vermont (2005)
Haulers Notice (2005)
Electronics Report (2004)
Municipal Solid Waste Diversion Rate Study (2002)
Vermont Waste Composition Study (2001)
    Waste Composition Study 2001: Appendix A
The Price of Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Services in Vermont - Overview of Survey Results by Region (1999)
State Auditor's Review of Vermont's Solid Waste Program (1998)
Recommendations to Improve Solid Waste Management in Vermont - A Report to the Legislature (1997)
Fluorescent Bulb Report (1995)
Solid Waste Management in Vermont - A Program Evaluation (1992)
Battery Report (1992)
Waste Paint Report (1992)
Analysis of Solid Waste System Costs for the State of Vermont (1990)