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Public Water System Forms and Applications

Mandatory Electronic Submissions of Reports, Applications, and Forms: 

The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is moving toward electronic submissions of reports and other forms. By 2024, DEC will require all submissions to be electronically submitted through our ANR Online Portal.

The Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division (DWGPD) is in the process of transitioning its applications into electronic smart forms. Source and Construction Permit Applications can now be filled out completely online:

Public Water System Source Water Permit Application

Public Water System Individual/General Water Main Construction Permit Application

Source and Construction Permit Applications, Bottled Water Applications, Operator Certification Renewal:
To the maximum extent possible, we are asking systems to submit documents and fee payments electronically. Source and Construction Permit applications should be submitted using the links above. For , bottled water documents, and operator certification renewals and payments, you may submit documents and fee payments through our online DWGWPD General Intake Form to expedite their receipt and review. See these Instructions for assistance using the form. 

Electronic Submission of Other Documents:
To the maximum extent possible and for the time being, we are asking systems to submit all other documents electronically as well.  This includes sampling plan forms, public notice documents, sanitary survey response letters, and water quality results, to name a few.  These documents should be emailed to the responsible staff who will process the documents accordingly. For a listing of Division staff and their respective responsibilities, the staff contact information can be found online here. If the attachment is too large for an email, please use our Division File Transfer Protocol portal. The instructions on how to access this portal can be found here. The cover sheet for submissions can be found here

Monthly Operations Reports:
Monthly Operations Reports for Groundwater Systems should be submitted via the Monthly Operations Report for Groundwater Systems and Systems Purchasing Water Submission Form.

Monthly Operations Reports for Surface Water Systems should be emailed to

Important Note: Please follow the below instructions for Surface Water MOR submission via email:

  • Send the PDF(s) as an attachment to an email message, to:
  • We accept MORs in PDF format -- 1 report (and 1 month and 1 WSID #) per PDF file. (Do not send links to files, Excel docs or Word docs).
  • Please use this naming convention in labeling the PDF: WSID number + the month covered by the report + a word or two of the water system name. Example: 30700 Jan Twin Pines (The year of the MOR is not needed in the label)
  • Please put WSID numbers (at the least) in subject line of message.
  • If you are making a correction to a previously submitted MOR, please indicate that in the PDF’s label.
  • If the above is not possible, please use a different method of MOR submittal (i.e., Fax or US Mail).
  • To avoid duplication, please do not submit a MOR by more than one method (example: if you submit a MOR by email, please do not also submit that same MOR by US Mail or fax).

Boil Water Notice

Do Not Drink Notice

It is the responsibility of the water system to make sure that all users are aware of what is going on with their water system and that their health is being protected in the response of actual or potential system contamination.

What to do after a Boil Water or Do Not Drink Notice is lifted 

Bulk Water Hauling Procedure (Signed April 2024)

New - Fillable Bulk Water Hauling Form

New - Fillable Extended-Period Bulk Hauling Form

Operations Permit Applications

Operator Certification

Sampling-Based Forms and Applications

Administrative Forms

Operating Reports

Construction Permits

Source Permit/Source Documents

Operation and Maintenance Manuals

Long Range Plan Templates

*Note: Please be aware that other VT Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) permits may be needed for your project and it is your responsibility to secure any other required permits.  To help assist in determining whether other VT ANR permits that might be needed, ANR recommends that you use VT ANR’s Permit Navigator Tool by going to the VT Department of Environmental Conservation website (   In addition, please be aware that your project may require other local, state, or federal permits outside of VT ANR’s jurisdiction which are not covered by the VT ANR Permit Navigator Tool.  Failure to secure all necessary permits in advance of construction can result in significant impacts to your project’s final scope and can take additional processing time* 

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Instructions  and  Cover Sheet NEW

Request for Electronic Reporting Waiver

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