Find A Permit Specialist

To find the Permit Specialist serving your area, select your town from the dropdown list below and click on the "Find My Permit Specialist" button. Contact information for the Permit Specialist in the Regional Office serving your area is provided.

Hint: If you click on the text box to select it, then press the first letter of your town name, it will scroll down to the start of town names beginning with that letter.


Your Permit Specialist will advise you about needed State permits and sometimes will prepare a Project Review Sheet (PRS). (Not all applicants need a PRS for their project; the Permit Specialist determines the need for a PRS based on the particular project.)

A PRS is intended as helpful guide to State permit applicants. It is primarily a preliminary determination of environmental permits, but considers other State permit requirements as well. It lists the agency and department and provides contact information for each applicable permit or approval.

When preparing a Project Review Sheet, the Permit Specialist uses a variety of information you provide. The following list of information is helpful, but not required:

  • The project name
  • The project location (911 address) and the size of the parcel
  • The property owner’s name, address, phone number and email address
  • The applicant’s name, address, phone number and email address
  • A detailed description of the proposed project
  • A description of the existing use of the property
  • When the existing use began
  • Any prior wastewater permits
  • Any prior Act 250 permits
  • Any other prior state permits
  • SPAN (School Property Account Number): the 11-digit parcel identification number assigned by a municipality to each property and printed on the property tax bill
  • Site plans