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Reporting an Environmental Violation

How to Report an Environmental Violation

Online Environmental Violation Report Form

Information received from Vermont's citizens is vital to our efforts to protect Vermont's environment.  If you observe or have knowledge of any activity that may be in violation of Vermont's environmental laws, we urge you to contact us.  The sooner a violation is reported, the greater our chances of limiting the threat to human health and the environment.

Please keep in mind that each violation report we receive is taken very seriously. Staff time and state resources are required in the investigation of each reported incident. The more information you provide the more effective and efficient the investigation becomes.

You may submit a complaint to us online by using the link above.  You may also telephone us directly at 802-828-1254, during regular business hours. Please review the questions in the above form before calling.

If you wish to remain anonymous when filing your complaint do NOT give your name when calling or completing a complaint form.  If you need to file an urgent complaint outside of normal business hours, you may contact an Environmental Enforcement Officer or call the Vermont State Police.

Fish & Wildlife Law Enforcement
Downloadable violation form to complete and mail via USPS