Environmental Violation Report

You may make this complaint anonymously. If you wish to be anonymous, do not include your name or any contact information. If you include your name or any contact information it will become a part of the public record.  Please be aware that complaints – including complainant identification - are public records and thus can be obtained by any member of the public.

Please complete this form and submit it, and/or use it as a guide and call us directly at 802-828-1254.

Whichever way you choose to report, it is important that you supply us with all the known facts to answer the questions on the form.  Doing so allows us to respond in the most appropriate manner to minimize any harm to human health or the environment and, when appropriate, take enforcement actions against those responsible.

Please do not report the same complaint multiple times. If you would like to know the outcome of a previously reported complaint, call us at 802-828-1254.
The subject site is the location where the violation is occurring. Please include E911 address if known.
The 11 digit unique identifier given to the parcel by the VT Tax Department found on the Grand List.
Identifier given to the parcel by the town.
Include Street Address, City/Town, State, Zip Code
Attach a photo, map, or other documentation here. First choose the file, then click the 'Upload' button to attach your file.