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Maps of Wake Sports Zones based on Proposed Rule Conditions

Under the proposed Use of Public Waters Rule Amendment, as submitted to LCAR on January 4, 2024, a lake or pond is eligible for wakesports if it has a zone that meets the following criteria:

  • The lake or pond has a minimum of 50 contiguous acres that are at least 500 feet from shore on all sides.
  • Any wakesport zones must be at least 20 feet deep, and at least 200 feet wide.
  • Only lakes and ponds that vessels powered by internal  combustion motors are allowed and may be used at speeds exceeding 5 miles per hour are eligible for wakesport zones.

* Wakesports zones are open to all uses permitted on the subject waterbody and not exclusive to wakesports

Based on the criteria above, 30 inland lakes and ponds in Vermont  are eligible for wakesports, that are regulated under the Use of Public Waters Rules. The Use of Public Waters Rules do not apply to  Lake Champlain, Wallace Pond, Lake Memphremagog, and Connecticut  River Reservoirs.

Under this proposed Rule, wakesports would be prohibited on all other lakes, ponds and reservoirs under jurisdiction of Use of Public Waters Rules Rules.

Please note: these maps may require some updates. The data  used to create these maps is based on spatial analysis and bathymetric data;  additional ground-truthing may be required to verify a more precise wake sport area. 

Note: As of January 2024, total waterbodies reduced from 31 to 30 as result of a corrected GIS calculation for Lake Groton.

Lake Name and Location Total Acres Size (acres) of Eligible Wakesport Zones
(500' from shore, 20'depth, >200' wide) 
SUNSET (Benson) 205.1 74.0
SHADOW (Glover) 217.3 86.2
MILES (Concord) 221.1 66.3
IROQUOIS (Hinseburg / Williston) 247.0 51
PARKER (West Glover) 253.1 88.4
HOLLAND (Holland) 329.1 90.2
PEACHAM (Peacham) 347.4 94.9
HARVEYS (Barnet) 357.2 133.0
MOLLYS FALLS (Cabot/Marshfield) 402.4 52.0
JOES (Danville) 405.0 54.1
FAIRLEE (Fairlee) 461.8 96.8
FAIRFIELD (Fairfield) 463.3 170.0
LITTLE AVERILL (Averill) 470.2 261.3
HORTONIA (Sudbury/Hubbardton) 500.9 56.8
ECHO (Charleston) 546.5 315.0
MOREY (Fairlee) 549.8 384.1
ISLAND POND (Brighton) 614.2 261.0
MAIDSTONE (Maidstone) 755.8 399.4
CRYSTAL (Barton) 771.6 420.5
SALEM (Derby) 776.4 301.8
CASPIAN (Greensboro) 789.8 437.1
GREAT AVERILL (Averill/Norton) 835.0 422
WATERBURY (Waterbury) 869.2 56.1
ST. CATHERINE (Wells/Poultney) 885.4 391.2
DUNMORE (Leicester/Salisbury) 1039.6 330.5
CARMI (Franklin) 1415.2 755.2
WILLOUGHBY (Westmore) 1733.6 1079.3
SEYMOUR (Morgan) 1777.2 1,150.3
HARRIMAN (Whitingham) 1949.4 465.2 (2 separate zones)
BOMOSEEN (Castleton/Hubbardton) 2415.1 1122.5


There are several lakes that have areas more than 500 feet from shore and are at least 20 feet deep, but because these areas do not comprise a minimum of 50 contiguous acres, they cannot be eligible for wake sports under the proposed rule. See some examples below of lakes that  are ineligible for wake sports under the proposed rule, due to the lack of 50 contiguous acres:

Lake Name and Location Total Acres Size (in acres) of Eligible Area
(500 ft in, 20 ft of depth) 
ARROWHEAD MTN (Milton) 719.8 3.6
RESCUE (Ludlow)  189.2 16.6
ELMORE (Elmore)  222.3 0.0
NORTON (Norton)  658.6 28.8
DERBY (Derby)  211.6 0.0
Groton (Groton) 435.4 48.9