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Small Purchase Guidance

The Small Purchase option allows Owners to utilize lump sumps of designated money for the purchasing of services or items independently of the Contractor when less than $125,000 in cost.  These service or items are to be identified early on in the project development, most commonly prior to the contract's being awarded.  The services or items being purchased must be critical to the operation and efficacy of the Owner's system.  Final approval by WID Construction Engineer is required for of all Small Purchases.  See Guidance Document No. 25 for additional details.


  • 3 competitive bids
  • Critical to water or wastewater system operation
  • Integrally connected to the system (i.e. cannot be purchased and stored for future use)
  • Must comply with the Prohibition of Certain Telecommunications Equipment Contract LanguageMemo and EO

Forms and Checklists