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NEPA Requirements

Project Scope

The scope of construction is dictated by the approved Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) and the earthwork disturbances and tracts of land examined in the Environmental Information Documents (EID), which undergo the Environmental Review for compliance with NEPA.  Construction activities may not be expanded beyond what has been presented to the Division in the PER and NEPA reviews.  Expansion of project scope beyond what is detailed in the PER and EID may result in loss of SRF eligibility and loss of Facilities Planning or final Design Approvals and  may trigger additional Environmental Reviews.  Additionally, Environmental Reviews expire after five years.

Mitigation Measures

Sometimes the Environmental Review process finds environmental impacts that require mitigation measures. The mitigation measures are detailed in the findings of the Environmental Review and need to be carried over into the Final Design by responsiveness in the contract documents. Failure to comply with the mitigation measures in the design or construction will result in loss of Facilities Planning Approval, Final Design Approval, and project eligibility.