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Project Signage

  1. EPA and SRF Signage Overview
  2. Signage and Public Awareness Options
  3. Guidance Documents and Checklists
  4. Required Formats and Logos


Vermont Clean Water Project Sign

NEW (2021): Vermont DEC is requiring the use of a Clean Water Project sign in addition to the standard EPA funding sign for all clean water projects, including CWSRF projects.  

  1. Signage Guidance Document
  2. Sign Graphic

EPA and SRF Signage Overview

EPA requires projects which are funded through SRF program to perform public outreach and awareness. The method of public awareness to be utilized is to be selected for each project by the Owner from the following options:

Signage and Public Outreach Options

  1. Signage: For use on a project where the sign can be located near a major roadway, or other location where it effectively publicizes the project to the community.
  2. Posters in Public Building: For use on smaller projects and projects located in more rural areas.
  3. Newsletter, Periodical, and Press Release: For use on projects with no public space or where use of signage is unlikely to reach community members effectively.
  4. Online Advertisement: For use in communities with websites that are recognized by the public as sources of information and where project signage may not reach a wide audience.
  5. Insert or Pamphlet Water/Sewer Bill: For use on projects that directly benefit individuals in a community.

Guidance Documents and Checklists

Required Formats and Logos

  • Vermont Project Sign (JPG) and (PDF)
  • Vermont State Logo (JPG) , (PDF) , and (PNG)
  • The recipient must request the appropriate EPA logo graphic file from the Office of Public Affairs. Click HERE for more information.