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Engineering Planning Advance

Municipalities without existing water or sewer rate payers  wishing to plan for a community-based drinking water or wastewater solution, can receive an Engineering Planning Advance to finance the costs of a Feasibility Study or a Preliminary Engineering Report.  (Currently there are no Drinking Water Engineering Planning Advance dollars appropriated, however, unsewered communities may explore a drinking water solution to wastewater issues.)

The Vermont Engineering Planning Advance Program is a financial program available to Vermont municipalities:

  • without existing water or sewer rate payers for the purpose of obtaining a feasibility study or Preliminary Engineering Report for community-based drinking water or wastewater solutions;
  • to assist regional planning and study efforts related to specific drinking water and/or wastewater needs;
  • to assist with master planning for large scale, long term facility planning for one or more capital needs related to water quality or drinking water.

Advantages of the Engineering Planning Advance Program:

  • repayment does not start unless and until the project goes to construction, if no project is built, no repayment is obligated.
    • Engineering Planning Advances for projects that go to construction and are eligible for Pollution Control grant, have the Engineering Planning Advance converted to grant.
    • otherwise, the advance is refinanced with the CWSRF, USDA RD, or other construction loan. 
  • some planning advances can be prorated to repay portions of the loans as they relate to multi-phased planning, long term planning, or regional planning.
  • no caps limiting borrowing on the Engineering Planning Advance.
  • 25% of the amount borrowed can be used to pay for managerial assistance from the Regional Planning Commission.

The Engineering Planning Advance is administered on a first come, first serve basis.  If no funds are available, applicants are wait-listed until funds are available in the next fiscal year or years. For funds to be available, the Vermont legislature must appropriate funds for the Vermont Pollution Control Grant program. 

Note: Engineering Planning Advance money may not be available and may need an appropriation by the Vermont legislature. 


Need more information?  Please contact Lynnette Claudon, Engineering Planning Advance Lead.

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