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VT Pollution Control Grants

Currently Vermont statute allows for Pollution Control Grants of 10%  - 35% for qualifying Water Pollution Abatement and Control Projects. 

Qualifying project elements must be Water Pollution Abatement and Control Facilities.

"Water pollution abatement and control facilities" means such equipment, conveyances, and structural or nonstructural facilities owned or operated by a municipality that are needed for and appurtenant to the prevention, management, treatment, storage, or disposal of stormwater, sewage, or waste, including a wastewater treatment facility, combined sewer separation facilities, an indirect discharge system, a wastewater system, flood resiliency work related to a structural facility, or a groundwater protection project. 

The percent grant depends on:

  1. Eligible Project Type and Costs;
  2. Technical Points and Affordability Points awarded under the Priority System;
  3. Availability of Funding from the Vermont Legislature;
  4. Project ranking in the fundable range for PC Grants.