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Environmental Review

Environmental Review Process for SRF Projects

All federally funded projects are required to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Since both the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) receive federal funds, all elements of these projects must comply with NEPA. The State of Vermont has established two State Environmental Review Procedures (SERPs) to complete the environmental reviews associated with the required NEPA review.

SRF Environmental Information Document Submission

Public Comment Process  Comentario Público  Commentaire Publique

Environmental Review Policies and Mapping Tools

Environmental Determinations by outcome, program, and year

Categorical Exclusions (CatEx)

Findings of No Significant Impact (FoNSI)

SRF Environmental Information Document Submission

All Environmental Reviews are now being performed by the WID Design and Construction Engineering Section.

  • For CW projects, please send the EID to your assigned DCE Engineer.
  • For DW projects, please send the EID to EID Inbox for assignment.

Public Comment

Do you want to understand more about how to comment on one of our projects? Here is a Citizen's Guide to Understanding NEPA.

Comentario Público

Si desea saber mas sobre como dar comentarios sobre cualquier proyecto utilice esta guía sobre el programa NEPA.

Commentaire Publique

Voudriez-vous comprendre plus au sujet de nos projets? Contactez Lynnette ClaudonHugo Martinez Cazon.

Additional Information

The environmental review processes for Clean Water SRF and Drinking Water SRF are separate and have small differences explained in the documents below and in the table further down this page.

Based on the 1990 Environmental Review Policy, WID requests an Environmental Information Document (EID) for all projects for both SRF programs.

Mapping tools to help screen for Natural and Cultural Resources:

Summary of Environmental Review Process

Process/Requirements CATEX FONSI EIS
60% Planning Public Meeting to discuss alternatives before the preferred project is selected. - X X
Environmental Information Document/ Environmental Report X X -
Environmental Assessment - - X
Catex Request Letter CW Only - -
Public Hearing - X X
30-day Public Comment Period CW Only X X

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is required for public meetings under the SERP?  The SERP requires certain public meetings, but does not have directions on how to perform them.  Vermont, however, has public meeting law that public meetings meet certain access and warning requirements.  Borrowers are obligated to follow Vermont's public meeting law.  For more information on the public meeting law here are some resources:

2. What is the difference between a meeting and a hearing?  

3. What's involved in a typical public hearing?

  • The hearing is warned in accordance with state law and local practice.
  • The hearing is opened by the governing body.
  • The project owner or consulting engineer presents information related to the positive and negative environmental impacts of the project.  This often includes posters or power point demonstrations.
  • The governing body opens the floor to public comments.
  • Comments are given by the public and if possible, questions are answered by the project owner, the consulting engineer, or sometimes the state official.  The name of the commenter and the comment are recorded for the record and public comment responsiveness summary.
  • The governing body closes the floor to public comment.
  • The governing body takes minutes and sends them to the state official after they are approved.
  • The governing body posts the video of the hearing, if available and makes the link available to the state official.

Environmental Review Determinations

All projects receiving federal funds must receive an Environmental Review prior to the release of construction loan funding. The level of detail and the amount of information provided in this environmental report is commensurate with the magnitude of construction activities and their potential impact on environmental and historical resources. The Environmental Reviews can result in three types of documents: Categorical Exclusions (CatEx), Findings of No Significant Impact (FONSI), and Record of Decision (ROD) are issued within a certain time frame, and are located below. Note: In recent times, there have not been ROD documents issued under these programs.

Categorical Exclusions 









RF1-270 & RF3-488 Enosburg Falls Elm St. Water and Sewer Project Public comments accepted through February 21, 2024
RF1-350 City of St. Albans Stebbins St. Project Public comments accepted through May 18, 2024
RF3-405 Swanton Village, Missisquoi River Water Main Crossing Project
RF3-447 North Bennington, Standby Power Installation



RF1-328 Enosburg Falls Church St. Sewers Public comments accepted through July 24, 2023
RF1-259 Newport Bluff Road Pump Station Public comments accepted through July 17, 2023



RF3-478 Middlebury Water Department, Chipman Hill Water Storage Tank
RF3-xxx Champlain Water District SCADA Replacement Project
RF3-481 Kissell Hill Community Water System, Bellows Falls, Water System Improvements
RF3-449 Lazy Brook Mobile Home Park and Hillside Manor
Public Water System, Standby Power Installation
RF3-423 Bethel Water Department, Bethel Water System Improvements Phase II
RF3-398 Battleground Condominiums radium treatment & generator
RF3-491 Bennington Water Department, Gage St. Water Main Upgrade
RF3-490 Bennington Water Department, South End Upgrades
RF3-493 Round Top, Plymouth Round Top Water System Improvements 
RF3-484 Champlain Water District, CWD Redundant Raw Water Main
RF3-485 Champlain Water District, CWD Filtered Water Tank Replacement
RF3-489 Bennington Water Department, Remedial Expansion Settlers and Springhill Road


RF1-247-1.0 Burlington WWTF Refurbishment Phase 2 Public comments accepted through September 24, 2022 

RF3-450 St. Johnsbury Water System, Water Treatment Facility Improvements, Clarifier/Filter Replacement
RF3-468 Mountain Park (West Dover), Mountain Park Water System Improvements
RF3-469 Jericho Fire District 1, Greensand Filter Replacement
RF3-404 Lunenburg Fire District 1, Water Supply Improvements
RF3-412 Castleton Fire District 1, Transmission Main
RF3-437 East Thetford Water Co, Well and Treatment
RF3-438 Dorset Fire District 1, Distribution work
RF3-445 Barre Town, Wilson Industrial Park
RF3-420 Alburgh Tank Replacement


RF3-430 Randolph, Village Water System
RF3-395 Shaftsbury, Water System Improvements
RF3-411 St. Albans, Aldis Hill Storage Tank project
RF3-399 Jeffersonville, Water System Improvements project
RF3-391 Irasburg Fire District #1, Route 14/58 Improvement Project
RF3-365 Town of Richmond, Bridge St. from Church St. to Volunteers Green
RF3-440 Town of Manchester, Barnumville Water Main Project
RF3-429 Twin Pines Housing Trust (Starlake Village), Standby Power Project
RF3-426 City of Burlington, Distribution System Improvements
RF3-416 & RF3-425 Town of Middlebury, Washington St. Waterline; Court St/Court Square Water Improvements
RF3-419 Craftsbury Fire District 2, Standby Power
RF3-427 Town of Milton, River St. PSV
RF3-386 Hyde Park Village, Standby Power and Meter Vault Addition
RF3-418 & 431 Bull Run Water System, Treatment Facility & Storage Tank Improvements



RF1-245 Mountain Wastewater Company Tertiary Filter Replacement Project, Public Comments accepted until April 3, 2020
RF1-248 Burlington Remote Wastewater Infrastructure Improvements: Flynn and Fletcher Pump Stations, Public Comments accepted until March 15, 2020
RF1-220 Fair Haven WWTF Upgrade, Public Comments accepted until March 15, 2020
RF1-252 Winooski Hickok Street and West Lane Wastewater and Stormwater Refurbishments, Public Comments accepted until March 15, 2020
RF1-253 Barre City Biosolids Project Public Comments Accepted until March 13, 2020
RF1-272 Ludlow, High Street Infrastructure Project, Comments Accepted until January 27, 2020

RF3-403 Brattleboro Pleasant Valley Water Treatment Facility Upgrade
RF3-415 Williston Lamplite Acres Waterline Replacement
RF3-410 Champlain Water District Essex West Pump Station & Transmission Main. Revoked 3/18/2021 see FoNSI below.
RF3-400 Okemo Village Owners Association Uranium Removal
RF3-387 Lyndonville Vail Drive extension/adjustment
RF3-414-3.0 Village of Jeffersonville Standby Power
RF3-408 Fiddlehead Condominiums PFAS Related Water System Improvements
RF3-407 Royalton FD#1 Water Treatment Facility Upgrades
RF3-365 Richmond Bridge Street Phase III/IV
RF3-385 & RF3-471 Marshfield Water System, Rte 2 waterline Replacement
RF3-392 Timberline Condominium Association, Water System Emergency Repair
RF3-367 Bellows Falls, Phase 3 Improvements Pine Street
RF3-363 Town of Proctor, Transmission Main Abandonment Contract 8B
RF3-388 Town of Bethel, Water System Improvements
WPL-303 Barnet Fire District #2, Anderson & Church Streets/Stevens River Crossing
RF3-389 Town of West Rutland, Pleasant Street Water System Improvements
RF3-417 Ludlow, High Street Infrastructure Project

2019 RF1-246 Burlington Disinfection Upgrade
RF1-249 Burlington SCADA/PLC upgrade
RF1-218 Pittsford
RF1-325 City of Rutland Solids Management Facilities Improvements

RF3-378 Country Club Condos
RF3-366 Richmond Bridge Crossing
RF3-385 Marshfield Village waterline repair
RF3-376 West Windsor Booster Pump Station
RF3-381 Shady Pines MHP
WPL-280 Hyde Park
RF3-358 Colonial Estates
RF3-347/RF3-384 North Harbor No CatEx Memo
RF3-377 Pinnacle Condos Replacement Well
RF3-380 Bennington PFOA waterline extension
WPL-269 Colchester Town/CWD
RF3-382 Hardwick Bridgeman Reservoir
RF3-363 Proctor Contract 6
WPL-295 Lyndonville Vail Dr
RF3-355 Hemlock Ridge
RF3-370 Ascutney FD#2
RF3-374 Winooski Hickok St
WPL-290/RF3-375 Milton Lake Rd
WPL-291 Mobile Acres MHP
RF3-365 Richmond Upper Bridge CatEx
WPL-298 Murray Hill CatEx
RF3-383 Thompson Point Assoc. CatEx

2018 RF1-215 St J Pleasant/Gilman
RF1-200 Hyde Park
RF1-xxx Kennedy Pond 3, South Burlington
RF3-368 East Calais FD#1
WPL-294 Troy Route 100
WPL-277 St J Pleasant/Gilman
RF3-362 Rutland FD#6 no CatEx memo
RF3-340 Rutland City South End Distribution

RF1-186 Shelburne Sewer System Improvements
RF1-210 South Burlington Hadley Road Area Infrastructure Project
RF1-206 Cavendish Aeration System Refurbishment
RF1-207 Rochester Wastewater Refurbishment
RF1-197 North Branch FD1 Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrades


RF3-341 Rutland City Avenue C
RF3-354 Otter Creek MHP
RF3-361 Swanton Village MVU waterline
RF3-362 Peacham FD#1
RF3-350 South Hero FD#4 No CatEx Memo
WPL-274 Village of Poultney
WPL-279 Cabot Danville Hill Rd
RF3-324 Chester Sewer Plant Rd
WPL-273 Dorset FD#1 Meter Vault
RF3-352 Pinnacle Condominiums
RF3-308 Bellows Falls Mill St
WPL-270 Coventry FD#1
RF3-308 Bellows Falls Blake St
WPL-214 Village of Wells River
RF3-343 Mountain View MHP
RF3-348 Champlain Water District Williston Tank
RF3-316 Wilmington Water District Springs
RF3-344 Champlain Water District Wet Well
RF3-346 Woodstock Aqueduct Co


RF1-185 Ryegate - South Ryegate Wastewater Treatment Facility - October 31, 2016

RF1-184 Springfield - J&L CSO, Sewer and Stormwater Improvements - June 17, 2016


RF3-324 Chester Water Storage Tank
RF3-342 Fair Haven
RF3-324 Chester Water Coach Rd
RF3-336 Jericho East HOA
RF3-335 Richmond Pleasant St
RF3-308 Bellows Falls Contract 2016-1
RF3-338 West Windsor
RF3-341 Rutland City distribution
WPL-257 Rutland Town FD#6
RF3-316 Wilmington Water District Transmission main
RF3-318 Barnet FD#2 Source and Treatment
RF3-329 Quechee Central
RF3-339 Hardwick Church St
RF3-308 Bellows Falls Phase III
WPL-258 Springfield Clinton St
RF3-324 Chester Route 103
RF3-337 Websterville FD#3
RF3-335 Richmond East Main
RF3-333 Arlington
2015 RF1-167 West Windsor - Brownsville Sewer System REVISED June 5, 2015
RF1-XXX Williston - Route 2A Gravity Sewer Rehab April 20, 2015, EID and PER
RF1-167 West Windsor - Brownsville Sewer System January 21, 2015, EID and Facilities Plan
RF3-287 Ascutney Fire District #2
RF3-319 Town of Northfield
RF3-296 Village of Swanton
RF3-328 Berlin Elementary School- municipal connection
RF3-331 Georgia Industrial Development Corporation
RF3-308 Bellows Fall Water Department- Phase II, Contract 3
RF3-308-1 Bellows Falls Water Department- Phase II, Contracts 1 and 2
RF3-305 Hardwick Water System-Pearl Street
RF3-325 Hinesburg Water Department
RF3-316 Wilmington Water District
RF3-316 Wilmington Water District - Superceded
2014 RF1-172, RF3-312 Springfield Valley, Pine, Myrtle Streets November 7, 2014 PER & EID
RF1-153 Saint Johnsbury Request Letter, Environmental Review April 16, 2014
RF1-174 (formerly RF1-163) Williston - Gallop Hill Pump Station October 14, 2013 & PER Addendum
RF1-152 Windsor Town April 10, 2014
RF3-303 Bennington Water Department- Southern Vermont College
RF3-318 Barnet FD#2- Route 5 waterline
RF3-308 Bellows Falls Water Dept- Phase I
RF3-306 Champlain Water District- Water Tower Hill Tank
RF3-307 Killington Gateway I Water System
RF3-294 Castleton Fire District #1
RF3-xxx Barre City Water System
RF3-298 Huntington Fire District #1
RF3-304 Derby Line Water System
RF3-310 East Acres HOA Water System
RF3-314 Harwood Union High School
RF3-305 Hardwick Water System
RF3-302 Richmond Water System
RF3-302 Richmond Water System
RF3-311 Grand Isle Consolidated Water District
RF3-322 Village of Alburgh
RF3-323 Georgia Station
RF3-312 Springfield Valley, Pine and Myrtle Streets
2013 RF1-173 Colchester - Windemere MHP Catex & PER
RF1-170 Saint Albans - WWTP & 2 PS Catex, Letter, EID and EID Addendum
RF1-168 Saint Johnsbury - Routes 2 and Main St CSO
RF1-172 Springfield - Valley Street
RF1-173 Windemere MHP
RF3-294 Castleton Fire District #1
RF3-112 South Alburgh Fire District #2
RF3-296 Village of Swanton
RF3-300 St. Johnsbury Water System
2012 RF1-160 Milton Town System Replacement/Rehab
RF1-101 Richmond Town East Main Street
RF1-143 Sherburne Fire District No. 1
RF1-163 Williston Town
RF3-280 Greensboro Bend FD#2
RF3-274 Burke Town School
RF3-276 The Putney School
RF3-273 Town of Readsboro Water System
RF3-238 Twinfield Union School
RF3- 275, WPL-186 Birch Landing Condominiums
RF3-277 Town of Plainfield
RF3-283 St. George Fire District #2
RF3-253 South Wallingford Water Company
RF3-281 Aqua Haven Water System
RF3-257 Brierwood Mobile Home Park
RF3-284 Wells River Water System
Barre City Water Department
RF3-286 Deer Creek Condominiums
RF3-291 Windsor Water Department
Grand Isle Consolidated Water District
2011 AR1-044 Milton Town
RF1-146 Alburgh Village
RF1-154 Bellows Falls Village
RF1-162 Brighton Town Dale Ave PS
RF1-113 Enosburg Falls Village
RF1-157 Essex Junction HS Pump Stations & Telemetry Upgrades
RF1-148 Essex Junction POTW Refurbishment
RF1-150 Newport City
RF1-149 Williston Town
RF1-151 Williston Town
RF3-256 Village of Alburgh
Town of Richmond
RF3-3297 Town of Elmore
RF3-262 Swanton Village
RF3-231 Town of Bradford
RF3-251 Barnet Elementary School
RF3-260, WPL-184 Hartland Elementary School
RF3-251Wells Village School
RF3-251 Hiland Hall School
Town of Proctor
RF3-265 Brookside MHP
RF3-267, WPL-166 Charette's MHP
RF3-265 Mountain Green Condominiums
RF3-269 Leisure Lodge Condominiums
2010 RF1-145 Hinesburg Town
RF1-135 Windsor Town Categorical Exclusion
Otter Valley Union High School February 26, 2010
RF3-239, WPL-169  Berlin Elementary School
RF3-213 Tara Townhomes
RF3-233 Mountain Water Company
RF3-242 Town of Barre
RF3-243 Town of Bennington
RF3-224, WPL-133 Town of Sheldon
RF3-243 Drumleys Condominiums
RF3-245 Stamford Elementary School
RF3-137 Bolton Valley
RF3-248 Thetford Water Cooperative, Inc.
RF3-241 Town of Randolph
RF3-223 Vergennes Panton Water District
RF3-173 Castleton Fire District #1
RF3-220, AR3-039 East Montpelier Elementary School (revised)
2009 AR1-098 & AR1-018 Barre City July 20, 2009
AR1-007 Bellows Falls Village May 20, 2009
AR1-026 Bristol Town September 8, 2009
AR1-013 Burlington City June 4, 2009
AR1-012 Castleton Town May 18, 2009
RF1-131 Enosburg Falls Village June 19, 2009
AR1-004 Essex Junction Village April 28, 2009
AR1-001 Essex Town March 30, 2009
AR1-032 & AR1-033 Essex Town November 17, 2009
AR1-006 Hartford Town April 22, 2009
AR1-099 Hartford Town November 16, 2009
AR1-010 Hinesburg Town May 7, 2009
AR1-011 Johnson Village May 7, 2009
AR1-043 Middlebury Town October 13, 2009
AR1-044 Milton Town July 13, 2009
AR1-016 Montpelier City June 15, 2009
AR1-003 Morrisville Village April 10, 2009
AR1-054 Proctor Town June 22, 2009
AR1-057 Richmond Town November 5, 2009, EID
AR1-061 Rochester Town November 4, 2009
AR1-009 Rutland City May 19, 2009
AR1-062 Shelburne Town June 9, 2009
AR1-014 South Burlington City May 21, 2009
AR1-073 South Burlington City July 23, 2009
AR1-070 & 071 & 072 South Burlington City July 29, 2009
AR1-015 State of VT BGS May 26, 2009
AR1-079 Troy Town & Jay Town December 16, 2009
AR1-005 Waterbury Village April 20, 2009
AR1-005 Waterbury Village May 15, 2009
RF3-196 Suntec Forest Water System
AR3-028 Springfield Water System
AR3-040 Ludlow Water System
XX3-XXX Danville Fire District #1
AR3-018 Irasburg Fire District #1
Orchard Valley School
AR3-020 Lindale Mobile Home Park
Town of Shaftsbury Water System
Village of Northfield Water System
AR3-013 Whitingham Elementary School
AR3-034 East Middlebury Fire District #1
AR3-016 St. George Fire District #1
RF3-xxx Carlos Otis Health Care Center
AR3-032 Westminster Center School
RF3-xxx Bristol Family Center
RF3-xxx Village of Waterbury Water System
RF3-xxx Town of Randolph Water System
AR3-035 Coldbrook Fire District #1
RF3-xxx Vernon Elementary School
RF3-xxx Walden School
RF3-xxx Westminster West School
AR3-030 Jericho-Underhill Water District
AR3-001 Whiting Water Corporation
WPL-054 Town of Chelsea Water System
AR3-006 Sharon Elementary School
AR3-007 Silver Towers Camp
RF3-xxx Barton Water System
RF3-220 AR3-039 East Montpelier Elementary School
AR3-027 Georgia Dairy Industrial Park
AR3-015 Rumney Memorial School
AR3-005 Town of Troy Water System
RF3-xxx, WPL-161  Newark School
RF3-xxx Weston Little School
RF3-xxx Roxbury Village School
RF3-xxx Clarendon Elementary School
RF3-195 Holland Elementary School
AR3-023 Morrisville Water & Light
AR3-033  South Burlington FD #1
AR3-014 Morristown Corners Water Corp
AR3-022 Thetford Academy
RF3-xxx Village of Enosburg
RF3-xxx Town of Bethel
RF3-xxx Town of Proctor
RF3-xxx Otter Valley Union High School
RF3-xxx Smiley Bolton School
AR3-043 Quechee Central Water System
AR3-037 Town of Windsor
AR3-047 Town of Hartford
RF3-226 Village of Poultney
RF3-227 Pico Village Water Corp.
RF3-216 Lake Region Union High School
RF3-xxx Dairy Center
2008   RF3-190 Cuttingsville Fire District #1
RF3-165 East Dorset Fire District #1
RF3-xxx Marlboro Elementary School
RF3-xxx Red Cedar School
RF3-xxx Sherburne Elementary School
RF3-xxx Pownal Elementary School
RF3-xxx Bingham Memorial School
RF3-xxx Dorset Elementary School
RF3-xxx Flood Brook USD
RF3-xxx Halifax West School
RF3-xxx Ripton Elementary School
RF3-xxx Salisbury School
RF3-xxx Stockbridge Central School
RF3-xxx Townshend Elementary School
RF3-xxx Monkton Central School
RF3-xxx Dover Elementary School
RF3-xxx Waterville Elementary School
RF3-xxx Brookline Elementary School
RF3-xxx Newton Elementary School
RF3-xxx Concord School
RF3-xxx Mt. Holly Elementary School
RF3-xxx Hancock Village School
RF3-xxx Granville School
RF3-xxx Berkshire Elementary School
RF3-xxx Weybridge Elementary School
RF3-131 Middletown Springs Elementary School
RF3-xxx Peacham Elementary
RF3-xxx Tinmouth Elementary
RF3-xxx Brownington Elementary
RF3-xxx Kids in the Country
RF3-137 Catamount Bolton Water System
RF3-174 Richmond Fire District #1
RF3-212 Lowell Graded School
RF3-200 Moretown Elementary School
RF3-xxx Shrewsbury Mountain School

Notice of Intent for Findings of No Significant Impact (FONSI):




RF1-338 Rutland CSO Check Valve Project, 3/28/2024. Comments accepted through 4/27/2024


RF3-480 Brattleboro Phase 1 Water System Improvements, 2/16/2024. Comments accepted through 3/17/2024.

RF1-277 Rutland Moon Brook Ponds Modification Project Project, 10/31/2023. Comments accepted through 11/30/2023
RF1-190, RF3-446 East State Street Reconstruction, 5/19/2023, NOI-FONSI. Comments accepted through 6/18/2023.
RF1-226 Colchester Mallets Bay Sewer Extension dated 7/26/2023. Comments accepted through October 8, 2023 

RF3-459 (planning/design) and RF3-554 (construction these contracts) Killington New Public Water System Project – Contract 1, 2, and 3A, 11/13/2023. Comments accepted through 12/13/2023 

RF1-318 Brighton Wastewater Treatment Facility Refurbishment Project, 11/15/2022, NOI-FONSI.  Comments accepted through 12/15/2022. 
RF1-267 Westford Community Wastewater System, 10/14/2022, NOI-FONSI. Comments accepted through 11/13/2022.  FNSI Responsiveness Summary, dated 1/13/2023
RF1-XXX Montpelier State Street CSO Separation, 8/9/2022, NOI-FONSI. Comments accepted through 9/8/2022.
RF1-266 South Woodstock WWTF Replacement Project, FONSI Update 2/7/2022

RF1-304, VACH Wastewater System Replacement, 2/10/22, NOI-FONSI.  Comments accepted through 3/10/22.


RF1-266 South Woodstock WWTF Replacement Project, 9/21/21, FONSI. Comments accepted through 10/21/21
RF1-281 Barre City Ejector Station Replacement Project, 9/8/21, FONSI.  Comments accepted through 10/8/21.
RF1-275 Village of Hardwick - Wastewater Treatment Plant Refurbishment, 6/7/21, FONSI.  Comments accepted through 7/28/21
RF1-273  Village of Johnson - River Rd Ejector Replacement , 6/16/21, FONSI.  Comments accepted through 7/28/21.
NRBC-REPA West Burke Test Pits, dated May 14, 2021, comments accepted through June 13, 2021.
RF1-229 Hinesburg WWTF Upgrade and Expansion, dated April 30, 2021, comments accepted through June 3, 2021
RF1-241 Proctor Willow Street Pump Station, dated February 24, 2021, comments accepted through March 27, 2021
RF1-XXX Burlington Manhattan Drive Outfall Project, dated January 14, 2021, comments accepted through February 25, 2021

RF3-410-3.0 Champlain Water District, Essex West Pump Station & Transmission Main Project, dated 4/2/2021. Notice of Intent. Environmental Assessment.  Comments accepted through May 3, 2021. 

RF3-401-3.0 Bennington Lead Lines Replacement Project (Contract 1) dated 1/19/2021.  Notice of Intent.  Environmental Assessment. Comments accepted through February 22, 2021


RF1-217 Northfield CSO and Stormwater Project, dated November 24, 2020, comments accepted through December 24, 2020
RF1-xxx East Middlebury Bank Protection, by FEMA
RF1-231 Whitingham and Jacksonville WWTFs Refurbishments dated October 19, comments accepted through November 18, 2020
RF1-216 Bridgewater WWTF Refurbisments dated October 16, 2020, comments accepted through November 15, 2020


RF1-187 Burlington city-wide gravity pipe assessment and rehabilitation, dated May 20, 2019, comments accepted through June 19, 2019
RF1-222 Hartford South Main, North Main, and Gate Sts, dated May 22, 2019, comments accepted through June 21, 2019
RF1-228 West Windsor Sewer System Improvements, dated May 21, 2019, comments accepted through June 20, 2019.
RF1-326 Rutland River St. Pump Station sewage force main replacment
RF1-215 & WPL-277 St Johnsbury Pleasant St and Gilman Ave
RF1- 237 & RF3-xxx Northwest Neighborhood Phase 1A, dated March 7, 2019, comments accepted through April 7, 2019.

RF3-390 and RF3-467 Hartford S Main St, N Main St, and Gates St, 5/22/2019

RF1-214 & WPL-286 Brandon Park St, dated December 11, 2018, comments accepted through January 10, 2019
RF1-204 Hartford North Main Street Stormwater, dated November 14, 2018, comments acceped through December 13, 2018.
RF1-212 Winooski Main Street Revitalization dated August 1, 2018, comments accepted through August 31, 2018.
RF1-213 Winooski WWTF Headworks Upgrades dated June 27, 2018, comments accepted through July 27, 2018.
RF1-198 & RF1-211 Bennington WWTF Refurbishment dated April 18, 2018, comments accepted through May 22, 2018.
RF1-209 Proctor Ormsbee Avenue Sewer and Stormwater Improvements dated January 3, 2018


RF1-192 & RF3-349 Montpelier Northfield St FONSI dated April 25, 2017
RF1-153 Town of St. Johnsbury Oak Street Sewer Separation Project, FONSI dated May 12, 2017

RF1-195 Town of Addison Community WW System, FONSI dated March 23, 2017
RF1-192 & WPL-264 City of Montpelier Northfield St reconstruction, Notice of Intent to Issue a Finding on No Significant Impact, dated February 16, 2017



RF1-175 Saxtons River Wastewater Treatment Facility Refurbishment Project NOI Letter, Notice of Intent to Issue a Finding of No Significant Impact, dated October 21, 2014 Evaluation of Eligibility for Finding of No Significant Impact, Preliminary Engineering Report & Appendices,   USDA Preliminary Engineering Report Review, Final PER & Appendices  
2013 RF1-171 Brattleboro Black Mountain Gravity Sewer FONSI Finding of No Significant Impact November 6, 2013 & PER & EID
RF1-166 Rutland Northwest Neighborhood (Library Ave) CSO FONSI Finding of No Significant Impact November 6, 2013 & PER & EID
RF1-164 Waitsfield Decentralized WW Project Winter Park FONSI REVISED Letter, UPDATED Environmental Assessment, REVISED Finding of No Significant Impact 5 SEP 13
EM-96143301.0 Village of Waterbury FONSI REVISED Finding of No Significant Impact dated March 11, 2013
2012 EM-969142001.0 Troy-Jay WWCS Project July 19, 2012
Village of Waterbury USEPA Special Grant FONSI Letter, Determination & Phosphorus Environmental Assessment January 31, 2012
2009 AR1-024 Brattleboro Town FONSI June 18, 2009
AR1-041 Hartford Town Quechee Expansion FONSI Environmental June 2009 Document
AR1-041 Hartford Town Quechee FONSI Letter December 11, 2009
AR1-067 South Burlington City Airport Parkway FONSI May 4, 2009
AR1-067 South Burlington City Airport Parkway FONSI Letter to Colchester from EPA May 4, 2009
2008   Town of Proctor: Letter; Findings; Environmental Assessment
Town of Waitsfield: Letter; Findings