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Rockfall on Elm St., Montpelier - Dec. 26, 2005

cliff street looking west

rockfallPhotograph (G. Springston, 12/28/2005) is taken looking to the west. Unsupported guard rails along Cliff St. are exposed near the top of the photograph. The Silurian age rock at the site is dark gray phyllite with beds of sandy limestone. The well developed cleavage planes dip moderately to steeply to the west and are cut by both steep and shallow dipping fractures. Bedrock and surficial geologic maps of Montpelier are available. Also, see the City of Montpelier rockfall pages.

view south from Cliff St

View to the south from the top of the rockfall, Cliff St, 12/28/2005.

west-dipping phyllite

Dark gray phyllite with west-dipping cleavage, 12/28/2005.

view of rockfall from Elm St

Rockfall and debris on Elm St., 12/26/2005.

top of Cliff Street, looking north

Cliff St, 12/28/2005, top of the rockfall.

Cliff St, view south

Cliff St, 12/28/2005, view to the south from the top of the rockfall.

exposed guardrails at the top of Cliff St

Rubble, debris and exposed guard rails at the top of Cliff St., 12/28/2005.