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Frequently Asked Questions

General Permit Questions

Do I need an air permit for my facility?

What is the difference between an air quality Permit to Construct and a Permit to Operate?

What do I need to do in order to obtain an air permit?

What other permits or requirements may be applicable to my project?

Do I need an air permit to...

install a boiler?

burn a brush pile?

install a waste oil furnace?

install an emergency generator?

install a spray booth?

operate a gravel pit, quarry or aggregate crushing and screening plant?

construct or operate a bulk gasoline plant/terminal or dispensing facility?

construct or operate a human or animal crematorium?

construct or operate an anaerobic digester?

construct or operate a coffee roasting operation?

install a wood stove, pellet stove, or wood-fired central heater?

construct and operate a brewery, hard cidery, winery, or distillery?

construct and operate a media blasting, abrasives blasting or sandblasting operation?

Do I need to amend an air permit in order to...

modify an existing stack or add a raincap?

change fuel types at my facility?

burn alternative fuels?

Miscellaneous questions

What higher heat value do I use for my calculations?

How do I contact the Air Quality & Climate Division directly?