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Coffee Roasters

A coffee roaster

Do I Need a Permit for my Coffee Roasting Operations?
The Air Quality and Climate Division typically does not require an Air Permit for coffee operations roasting less than 1 million pounds of green beans annually, although requirements for emission controls may still apply.

Why Does the Air Quality and Climate Division (AQCD) Regulate Coffee Roasting Operations?
The process of roasting green coffee beans emits air pollutants such as particulate matter, volatile organic compounds and fuel combustion byproducts.  In addition, specific toxic compounds such as acrolein, acetaldehyde and formaldehyde are emitted as a result of the coffee roasting process.  Uncontrolled coffee roasting also results in significant odors and visible emissions (smoke).  Consequently, the AQCD requires emission controls such as a catalytic or thermal oxidizer on all production-scale coffee roasting operations.  Coffee roasting operations may also generate air pollution in the form of particulate dust from the handling of green and roasted beans that may also require emissions controls.

What Requirements Exist for Coffee Roasting Operations?
Regardless of the size of your coffee roasting operation, all production roasters must be equipped with emission controls such as a catalytic or thermal oxidizer to control odors and visible emissions from the coffee bean roasting operation and precautions must be taken to minimize or control dust from the handling of green and roasted beans.  The AQCD may allow uncontrolled coffee roasting, at its discretion for very small “sample” roasting operations which typically have a capacity of less than 5 pounds per batch.  If you are roasting coffee, please contact the AQCD for a determination as to whether or not you need to obtain a permit for your operation.

What Do I Need to do to Obtain an Air Permit?
A Permit to Construct application must be submitted with the appropriate application fee  to the AQCD.   This would be required before the applicant can commence construction on, or operation of, a coffee roasting facility greater than 1 million pounds of green beans annually.   Please refer to our Permit to Construct Application Guidance webpage for more information. 

What other permits or requirements may be applicable to my project?
The Department of Environmental Conservation Environmental Assistance Office provides permit assistance through the Permit Navigator tool. The Permit Navigator can help you identify what environmental permits you may need for a project on a single parcel. If you have a linear, polygon, or multi-parcel project, contact a Community Assistance Specialist to get started.